Arizona Conservation Corps programs build healthy and sustainable communities, a trained and experienced workforce and a nation of environmental leaders.

Arizona Conservation Corps empowers individuals to positively impact their lives, their communities and the environment through conservation projects.

Arizona Conservation Corps (AZCC) operates conservation service programs across Arizona that empower individuals to positively impact their lives, their communities and the environment. AZCC has program offices in Flagstaff and Tucson.

As a program of Conservation Legacy, AZCC aims to continue the legacy of the Civilian Conservation Corps of the 1930s. AZCC is focused on connecting youth, young adults and recent era military veterans with conservation service work projects on public lands. Programs promote personal growth, experiential learning and an ethic of natural resource stewardship while incorporating the guiding principles of community, dedication, challenge, integrity and FUN!

Seasonal Job Overview

Happy staff members at the Arizona Conservation Corps.

Exciting, challenging, rewarding — there is no one word to describe participating in an AZCC project. You’ll learn, but it will take sweat. You’ll complete great service projects, but it won’t always be easy. You’ll meet some great people, but you won’t always see eye-to-eye. It’s about learning, working hard for the environment and communities, and giving something back.

My time at AZCC so far has significantly impacted who I am as a person, how I relate to others, and how I view my life and the world around me. AZCC has shaped all of these aspects in the most positive and unexpected ways. The hard work and the way this program forces you to step outside your comfort zone constantly is very unique to find in a job. AZCC has a way of making you do things that you think you can’t, this realization is incredibly valuable and can be taken with you long after your time at AZCC is over. –Marina M., Corps Member

AZCC provides the opportunity to serve communities and the environment in seasonal positions working on conservation projects across Arizona and the Southwest.

Typical projects include:
Trail Maintenance & Construction
Community Service
Watershed Restoration
Desert Restoration
Tree Planting and Seeding
Route/Road Closure
Invasive Species Management
Citizen Science
Fence Construction/Maintenance
Fire Rehabilitation
Fire Fuels Reduction/Mitigation
Historic Preservation
Inventorying and Mapping
Parks/Campground Maintenance
Disaster Response
Water Conservation

AZCC is currently accepting applications for Crew Leaders, Assistants & Corpsmembers for field crews based out of Tucson, Flagstaff, the White Mountains (and more!), with work terms beginning in May, June and July.

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In general, positions range from 12 weeks to 6+ months, with job opportunities available throughout the year.

Rockwork in Northern Arizona

Local Urban Crews
Location: Tucson, Phoenix and Safford
Living Allowance: $275/week
Age Requirements: 18-25 years
Dates: 12-24 weeks with start dates in January, March and August

Local Urban Crews provide members with conservation and job skills, leadership opportunities, challenging project work, personal and professional development as well as financial support for educational expenses.

Summer Youth Crews

Summer Youth Crews
Location: Flagstaff, Williams, Fredonia and the Verde Valley
Living Allowance: $275/week
Age Requirements: 17-18 years
Dates: 7 weeks beginning in mid-June

The Youth Conservation program introduces Corps Members to community service and resource conservation through hands-on project work with a variety of land management and community partners. Crews will complete general conservation work on public lands such as trail maintenance and construction, fencing, invasive weed removal and surveys.

AmeriCorps Conservation Camping Crews

AmeriCorps Conservation Camping Crews
Location: Throughout Arizona and southern New Mexico
Living Allowance: $275-$600/week
Age Requirements: 18-25 years
Dates: 12-24 weeks with start dates in January, March and August

AmeriCorps Conservation Camping Crew programs engage motivated young adults to complete challenging and impactful conservation and service projects. These crews camp and work together for up to 11 days in the field. Positions include Crew Members, Assistant Crew Leaders and Crew Supervisors.

AmeriCorps Individual Placements

AmeriCorps Individual Placements
Location: Across Arizona
Living Allowance: $300/week
Age Requirements: 21+ years
Dates: Various

AZCC engages individuals in positions with federal, state and local management agencies and environmentally focused non-profits.

AmeriCorps Veterans Fire Corps

Veterans Fire Corps Crew Members
Location: Tucson
Living Allowance: $375/week
Upcoming Dates: September 2016–March 2017

The Veteran Fire Corps program aims to retrain recent era military veterans for careers in conservation, fuels management, and wildland fire-fighting. VFC programs accomplish this goal by immersing participants in a conservation crew experience. Over the course of a typical 3–6 month season, VFC Crew Members receive training in wildland firefighting, chainsaw operation and a variety of other topics. Members then go on to serve as members of a fire-fuels conservation crew, performing a variety of forestry and conservation work on Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, and US Forest Service land in Arizona and New Mexico. At the conclusion of a program members are aided in the transition to federal wildland firefighting jobs.

Spending these days with my crew showed me that despite our differences, whether it be social, cultural or financial, we can do whatever it takes to accomplish different jobs successfully. No one person is too big or too small. –Veterans Fire Corps Member


There's an endless amount of adventuring and exploring to be done in Arizona!

Arizona is a great place to be! There is a great amount of ecological and geological diversity as well as many National Forests, Parks and Monuments. The Sonoran Desert is like no other place on earth. The mountains in Northern Arizona are some of the best in the country — blanketed with big Ponderosa Pine — and weather that’s sunny in the summer and snowy in the winter. The Arizona strip is home to some of the most spectacular rock formations and canyons anywhere. AND there's an endless amount of adventuring and exploring to be done!

Perks & Rewards

Crew Leader Development Crew in the Sonoran Desert

Weekly living stipend, dependent on location and position.
AmeriCorps education award that varies with term of service. This can be used to pay tuition and student loans.
All food and group camping gear is provided for Camping Crews.
Transportation to and from work related activities is provided.
Relevant trainings and orientation with AZCC and project partners.
Field-based experiential education opportunities.
Career, education, and employment resources.
Opportunity to travel around the state of Arizona and work & live in some amazing places!
Great networking experience for those interested in a career in conservation and natural resource management.

The Essentials

AZCC seeks applicants who are interested in fully committing to the program.

AZCC seeks applicants who are interested in fully committing to the program, who are willing to overcome any challenges, and those who will take advantage of the opportunities, skills and trainings that are offered throughout their term of service. AZCC wants those who will benefit from and contribute the most to the program; previous experience is not required for most positions.

Application & Connections

Arizona Conservation Corps

Find the position you wish to apply for and fill out the online application. Explore all current job opportunities »

Flagstaff and the White Mountains
2500 N Rose St., Suite 101
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Youth Crews
Judy Tincher
(928) 526-3280

Camping Crews and Individual Placements
Michelle Marsich
(928) 526-3280

1443 W. Prince Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85705

Local Crews (Tucson, Safford, Phoenix)
Joel Garcia
(520) 904-3289

Camping Crews and Veterans Fire Corps
Mandy Bonesteel
(520) 275-0583

Arizona Conservation Corps

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Conservation Legacy is a national organization dedicated to supporting locally based conservation service programs that empower individuals to positively impact their lives, their communities and the environment. AmeriCorps programs do more than move communities forward; they serve their members by creating jobs and providing pathways to opportunity for young people entering the workforce.

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