Gould Farm: Harvesting Hope Since 1913

The unique community spirit at Gould Farm offers meaningful work coupled with recreation, singing, music, crafts and a celebration of farming and life.

Gould Farm is a compassionate, respectful family environment where people with mental illness learn to build more meaningful lives for themselves through work, recreation and community life. The services at the farm remain rooted in the belief that every person has something to contribute despite mental or emotional limitations. Central to the farm model is a structured, supportive work environment for guests.

Whether tending to the gardens or roadside store, pasteurizing milk, or preparing wholesome meals, volunteers, staff, and guests alike work together to run this 600-acre farm. When guests can demonstrate an adequate understanding of their strengths and vulnerabilities, the Boston Program serves as a short-term springboard for practicing life skills necessary for living in an urban environment.

2013 marked the 100th anniversary of Gould Farm, the oldest residential therapeutic community in the nation dedicated to helping adults living with mental illness.

What You'll Be Doing

Service Opportunities in Monterey
Farm Base in the Berkshires, MA

Volunteering at Gould Farm

Staff Members generally work in one specific area at the Monterey-based farming community; lead, coach and work with small groups of guests on structured tasks that are required to run the farm; serve as informal counselors and role models; and join in community life and recreation.

Volunteers must make a full-time commitment, usually 12-24 months in length (some summer opportunities may also be available). Although positions are available throughout the year, the greatest need for volunteers occurs in the months of May and September. In order to provide the most fulfilling experience, volunteers are asked to be flexible and work on several areas of the Farm.

Current Job Opening
On-the-job and in-service training and supervision are part of Gould Farm's pledge to provide a meaningful work experience for its employees. The Farm provides housing on the campus as well as food and other benefits including health insurance and paid vacation. All positions require residency at the Farm as a condition of employment.

Reporting to the Work Team Leader, the Kitchen Manager is responsible for the successful operation of the Gould Farm kitchen facility, which feeds approximately 60 to 100 people per day, three meals per day. Responsibilities include menu planning and nutrition, budget preparation and management, inventory management, and the general operations of the kitchen, including staff scheduling; maintenance of a clean, safety conscious and efficient work environment; and leadership of the guest work program.

To begin the application process for all current openings, email your cover letter and resume to [email protected].

Job/Volunteer opportunities are generally offered in these five areas:

Residential Support
Teach daily living skills, assist in crisis management and informal counseling, provide input with treatment planning, and participate in farm activities with guests.

Maintenance/Forestry and Grounds
Work alongside guests and be responsible for a variety of regular and seasonal projects in which guests learn tasks in landscaping and gardening, general house cleaning and management, trail clearing and land management, garden equipment and lawn vehicle maintenance, wood splitting and stacking, snow and ice removal, cider pressing, and maple syrup/candy production.

The tasks of sowing seeds in the greenhouse, planting in the garden and assisting with the chores of a working farm, including tending to cows, chickens and pigs are assigned to volunteers on this team. Guests and staff work together to accomplish daily or seasonal tasks and are responsible for a variety of activities that assist in the creation and maintenance of a sustainable agricultural and horticultural environment that provides products for local consumption.

Kitchen/Food Services
Work alongside guests while preparing three healthy meals a day for the community. At the Roadside Store & Café, volunteers gain experience in both restaurant/retail management and human services as they work with guests. Both positions involve working with the clinical staff on treatment plans for guests. General responsibilities include preparation and delivery of menus and meals with attention to nutrition, maintenance of a clean and safe work environment, and teaching and coaching guests assigned to the area.

Administrative Support
Assist with a variety of support projects, including childcare, activities, transportation, reception, special events and outreach work.

Service Opportunities in Boston
Support Program in the Boston, MA Suburbs

The Fellside Program House: Boston Support Program Location

Residential Support
The Fellside Program is based in Medford, just outside Boston, MA and serves as a springboard for residents who wish to practice the skills necessary for living in an urban environment. Staff members provide support, guidance, and advocacy for clients who are well on their way to leading more independent lives. Teach daily living skills, assist in crisis management and informal counseling, provide input with treatment planning, and participate in farm activities with guests.

Volunteer Program Opening
The Boston Area Program Volunteer will work directly with program participants who come for care and are part of the transitional program recovery model. Volunteers contribute to the community in ways that utilize their individual strengths and talents. Individual must be willing to promote the values and spirit of Gould Farm, to actively participate as a member of the community at meals and other gatherings; to maintain open and honest communications with other staff members; and to promote the safety and well-being of all community members.

A BS in psychology or any of the human services related fields desired. Excellent written and verbal communication skills and current driver’s license required. Experience in a leadership role and with Microsoft Publisher and Word desirable. Patience and a sense of humor a plus! Volunteers who commit to a one-year assignment receive room and board, medical insurance, and a stipend of $192.31/bi-weekly ($5,000/year). Residency on-site, in provided housing, is a requirement of this position. If interested, please send your cover letter & resume to Sherene Smith or call (413) 528-1804 ext. 37 for more information.

Hourly Position Opening
Weekend Relief Staff
Come spend one weekend per month in a beautiful, old colonial home on the outskirts of Boston. You’ll be helping guests from Gould Farm in the Berkshires get used to city life in Boston at their transitional residential program. Be part of a tight-knit team working to support people ages 18+ in building their confidence and abilities to live in their own apartments independently. This is a great opportunity to learn how to assist people in building their coping skills to manage challenges of mental illnesses. Weekly individual and quarterly group clinical supervision is included. Ideal for someone preparing to go to graduate school in the behavioral health field. To apply, email your resume and letter of interest to Stephanie Branca.

Perks & Rewards

The beauty of the Gould Farm campus

Benefits include a private bedroom in shared onsite staff housing with a common living room, kitchen and bath, farm-fresh meals, a generous stipend of $250 per month, fully paid health insurance (with a one year commitment), and supervision under a senior staff member. Recent graduates are generally able to defer student loans through volunteer work at Gould Farm.

The unique spirit that resides in this rural community lifestyle offers both meaningful work coupled with recreation, singing, music, crafts and a celebration of nature and life.

The Essentials

Each year, Gould Farm recruits volunteers who typically come to the Farm for one year and work in almost every area of the Farm community.

Gould Farm provides challenging opportunities for volunteers and staff members from around the world. Mature, well-rounded and people-oriented individuals who are interested in learning and living in a therapeutic community are encouraged to apply. Musical, artistic and craft-oriented talents are always appreciated.

Internships are ideal for students who desire quality work experiences before applying for graduate school or starting lifetime careers. Others choose to serve Gould Farm through religious or secular volunteer agencies as well as AmeriCorps.

Your First Move & Connections

2013 marks the 100th anniversary of Gould Farm, the oldest residential therapeutic community in the nation dedicated to helping adults living with mental illness.

Applications for volunteer positions are accepted year-round for up to 15 rotating positions. Mail or email your resume and cover letter to Michael Covell to begin the application process.

Michael J. Covell
Human Resources Director
Gould Farm
100 Gould Rd.
P.O. Box 157
Monterey, MA 01245-0157

(413) 528-1804, ext. 17
(413) 528-5051 fax
[email protected]

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