Learn with Dragonfly: Pulling together on every challenge. Taking classroom learning into the world outside. Making a difference to lives across Asia.

Dragonfly offers Outdoor Educators a program focused on quality facilitation with meaningful outcomes in diverse areas of China.

With exciting outdoor adventure programs offered in China and Hong Kong, Dragonfly leads outdoor experiential education courses that combine purposeful engagement, direct experience and focused reflection.

Courses take place in dozens of locations, from the beaches and mountains within the country parks of Hong Kong, to the rivers and villages in the south and west of China. Each location provides a different experience with activities focusing on Social and Emotional Learning. These are the attitudes and skills that young people need to recognize and manage their emotions, demonstrate caring and concern for others, establish positive relationships, make responsible decisions and handle challenging situations constructively.

Each program builds skills, encourages teamwork, and broadens the horizons of primary and secondary students. Course duration depends on the type of program and age of the participants, but most commonly is one-week long. Programs frequently take place in a residential camp and at tented campsites and focus on:
Adventure: Kayaking, rock climbing, SUP, coasteering, biking, camping and hiking
Culture: Cooking, Chinese fan painting, aquaculture, cormorant fishing and heritage sites
Service: Farming, service projects, environmental awareness and teaching in local schools (Dragonfly Non-Profit is a registered charity and manages all of Dragonfly’s service projects. 100% of all contributions go directly to community-based initiatives.)

Working and traveling with Dragonfly is a wonderful way of helping to change youth for the better and make the world a better place.

What You'll Be Doing

Instructors must have an appropriate blend of technical outdoors skills, teaching skills and interpersonal skills to be successful in this position.

Senior Outdoor Instructors will lead courses that combine technical activities (such as rock climbing, abseiling, sea kayaking, biking, canyoneering, camping, snorkeling and rafting) and non-technical activities (including team building, camp craft, nature walks and service). Instructors must have an appropriate blend of technical outdoors skills, teaching skills and interpersonal skills to be successful in this position. Instructors are responsible for the safety of all participants and the educational experience on all programs.

Leading a group in rock climbing.Main Responsibilities
Lead groups safely, attending to participant well being at all times.
Lead activities according to Dragonfly lessons and training.
Plan and facilitate educational outcomes for participants.
Demonstrate enthusiasm, good judgment, open communication and risk management skills.
Support course logistical needs and equipment management before and after courses.

Time Commitment
Dragonfly offers seasonal contracts (about 3 months) as well as full-time positions with good performance. Many staff commit to two seasons and travel throughout Asia in between.

More Exploration!Fall 2017: early September through the end of November
More Exploration!Spring 2018: mid-February through the end of April/mid-May


A World of Discovery!
From the dramatic rock formations and caves Yangshuo in southern China to the coastal environments of Hong Kong, Dragonfly provides outdoor and experiential learning at its best. There is a great deal of diversity in each area, taking in a multitude of outdoor locations.

A world of discovery!

Dragonfly operates out of two main areas:
In China, they are based in Yangshuo and run courses in several other southern China locations.
In Hong Kong, there are two bases, one each in the rural and country park areas of Sai Kung and Lantau Island.
Courses are run on a less frequent basis in Japan, Thailand, Nepal, Indonesia and Malaysia.

More Exploration!Learn more about each location »

Perks & Rewards

Teaching on a boat excursion.

Dragonfly offers very competitive compensation and benefits. First season Instructors start at HKD $11,000 per month (USD $1,415). An end of season bonus of HKD $7,500 (USD $968) will also be given upon completion of each season with satisfactory performance. Training is provided, normally about 10 days, that focuses on educational goals, consistency in instructor standards, and site familiarization. Employees receive a minimum of one paid day off per week, as well as pay on statutory holidays. Stipends are provided to instructors who are able to take on additional responsibilities as Lead Instructors and Program Coordinators. Other benefits include staff housing (normally in 2 or 3 person rooms) and food on work days.

The Essentials

Learning through nature.

Applicants must have a University degree, outdoor technical skills (lifeguarding, kayaking, climbing, surfing, ropes course, LNT, etc.) and a minimum of 2+ years in a teaching/instructional role with children, youth or adults in outdoor education programs.

Additional Requirements:
Current certification in CPR and first aid (WAFA or higher preferred)
Able to swim minimum 200 meters unaided and good water sports skills and qualifications.
Excellent leadership, verbal communication and instructional skills.

Dragonfly’s focus is on providing Social & Emotional Learning through outdoor activities. If you have not done this before or would like to become better at it, Dragonfly is the place to start.

Connections & Application

Land a seasonal job delivering high quality outdoor experiential education programs in some of the most fascinating and diverse areas of the world!

To begin the application process, fill out the online application. This should take 30 minutes or less. Please be prepared with your CV and 3 reference email contacts (2 from prior supervisors or managers). Connect with Will Huetinck if you have any questions. A video interview will be scheduled if you are suitable for the position.

Fall 2017 Jobs in China and Hong Kong!
Dragonfly is currently accepting applications for Senior Instructors for the fall season (September 4th through the end of November).

From rock climbing, jungle trekking, cave exploration to cooking, farming, service projects and working closely with developing communities, Dragonfly provides primary and secondary students an unforgettable learning experience.

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