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Omega Institute: Transforming Lives

A season at Omega offers a unique opportunity for hard work, personal growth, spiritual exploration, community building, and transforming lives.

As a nonprofit, holistic learning center, Omega has been a pioneer in exploring, teaching and embracing new ideas through a unique collection of workshops, retreats and wellness vacations that support the transformation of consciousness and deepen the compassion between human beings. More than 23,000 workshop participants come to the Rhinebeck, New York campus and off-site conferences each year to take workshops and professional trainings in such diverse areas as psychology, health, spiritual studies, the arts, communication, sports, the environment and social action.

The 250-acre campus is located in the beautiful Hudson Valley, two hours north of New York City. The Rhinebeck property is a bucolic setting, with rolling hills, an inviting waterfront, and lovely gardens and grounds—a peaceful oasis where one can relax, rejuvenate, and feel at home in the midst of nature's bounty and a community of warm, caring people.

What You Can Do

Each year, hundreds of seasonal staff members join Omega practice compassionate service and to enjoy meaningful work alongside like-minded people.

2018 Seasonal Opportunities
Omega is currently accepting applications for paid, full-time Seasonal Staff Members and shorter-term, part-time Service Corps Members beginning this spring through October. Apply now!

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Each year, hundreds of Seasonal Community Members join Omega to be a part of something larger than themselves and to serve and grow alongside like-minded people. A season at Omega offers a unique opportunity to contribute to Omega's goal of raised consciousness through mind, body, heart and spirit.

Every role, regardless of the specific tasks, is important to Omega. The seasonal community is instrumental in producing a fantastic guest experience, and the work itself offers valuable life skills. There is much to be learned about communication, self-responsibility, and service in all roles. In addition, the team building, problem solving, and group dynamic processes learned will translate into valuable skills wherever you go.

All who join Omega must embrace the service ethic and view their own growth in connection with assisting others. Individuals who can see beyond the details of their duties, knowing that the functions they fulfill are a vital part of a larger vision of transformation in the world are essential traits.

Seasonal Work, Live & Learn Opportunities

FoodWorks at OmegaOmega FoodWorks is the main dining facility at Omega Institute. Each year the FoodWorks team produces more than 300,000 vegetarian-focused, farm-to-table meals. As a member of the team, you will have an opportunity to learn from a world class culinary leadership team, led by 3-time James Beard Foundation award winning Chef Michel Nischan, and Chef Michael Leviton, former Chairman of the Chefs Collaborative. Join the evolution as Omega raises the bar of Compassionate Service by serving the very best in local, organic, and sustainably sourced offerings!

The FoodWorks Team works together to run a full-scale food production operation that has been awarded 3-star certification by the Green Restaurant Association. The Kitchen Team prepares all meals and is responsible for maintaining kitchen stations. Dining Hall Team members bring food from the kitchen to the buffet lines and maintain the Dining Hall. Shifts are physically demanding and those in FoodWorks roles need to be able to lift 50 pounds, work quickly in hot and noisy environments, and provide exceptional customer service.

The Housekeeping Team cleans participant accommodations and all public bathrooms on campus. Housekeeping Team members need to be self-motivated and good team players.

Café staff at OmegaThe Café Team serves snacks, drinks, sweets, and a limited menu. Seasonal community members fill positions such as baristas, line cooks, and cashiers.

The Production Team is responsible for the set-up and breakdown of every class, event, and workshop, including audio and visual support. The work is very physical and requires a fair amount of heavy lifting, which may occasionally include up to 50 pounds. Production Team members must be flexible team players, and have the stamina for long hours. There are also a limited number of positions in faculty support and administration.

The Audio/Visual Production Team provides audio and video production for workshops, conferences, and evening events. Seasonal positions include audio-visual technicians. Responsibilities include set up and operation of A/V equipment, event planning, customer service, and public speaking.

Garden staff at OmegaThe Wellness Center Team includes receptionist and reservation positions, as well as positions with provider scheduling and facility care. Reservation responsibilities include booking appointments, explaining services to patrons, scheduling and managing financial transactions. Customer service and excellent communication skills are essential in all roles.

The Children's Program Team creates summer camp experiences for the children (ages 4–12 years) of workshop participants and guests. Children's Program members must have training and experience in early childhood education.

The First Aid Team serves participants and the seasonal community, providing basic first aid intervention and emergency response. Seasonal community members with current CPP/first aid certification fill these positions. First responder experience is required.

Omega LakefrontThe Lifeguard Team works at Long Pond Lake from Memorial Day to Labor Day, maintaining a safe environment for all who use the beach. Lifeguards must have current lifeguard certification and waterfront-module training.

The Maintenance Team handles most of the minor plumbing and mechanical needs of the campus, as well as maintenance of buildings and vehicles. Responsibilities require an understanding of basic maintenance, carpentry, plumbing, and electrical work, with the ability to make small repairs.

The Omega Store Team sells books, CDs, DVDs, jewelry, clothing, and yoga and meditation supplies. Omega Store members are responsible for running the cash register, assisting participants, restocking shelves, and cleaning. Good customer service skills are essential.

Dining Hall Staff at OmegaThe Garden/Permaculture Team maintains the Omega Gardens and all flower beds and potted plants throughout campus. Commercial garden or landscape and/or permaculture experience is essential.

The Guest Services Team operates much like the front desk of any resort, handling participant accommodations, directions, travel questions, complaints, special needs, first aid support, and phone messages. Customer service and excellent communication skills are essential.

The Campus Support Team manages the arrivals and departures of participants and guests, welcoming and helping people with their luggage. Campus Support members need to be able to lift 50 pounds throughout long shifts.

Yoga at OmegaThe People and Culture Team helps create and support the community life at Omega. They are also responsible for hiring, orienting, and supporting all Omega seasonal community members, assigning seasonal community accommodations, and designing the programs and social events that are part of the seasonal community experience.

The Omega Digital Team provides video production for workshops, conferences, and the Omega website. Seasonal positions include digital audio and video editors with writing and web experience as well as office administration skills.

Creating!The Reception Team greets, orients, and checks in all arriving participants. Seasonal roles include positions such as a receptionist or mail delivery person. Responsibilities include switchboard coverage, billing and housing information, metering and delivering mail, and administrative tasks. Reception Team members must have strong customer service skills, good computer skills, and be able to work under pressure.

Time Commitment

Welcoming a guest to Omega.

Seasonal Staff work full-time hours (usually 5 days per week) and must be able to commit to being at Omega for six months of the year between the months of early April or May through October.

Seasonal Service Corps Members serve up to 28 hours per week and must commit to being at Omega for a minimum of four weeks between mid-May and mid-October.

Please note that all seasonal roles at Omega require a commitment to service and flexibility, and may include evening and weekend hours as well as split shifts. Although you will be assigned to primarily one department, you may be asked to serve other departments if there is a need. Omega always does their best to fulfill preferences and match skilled individuals within every department, but Omega roles are about compassionate service, which can be expressed through any tasks, regardless of department.

Perks & Rewards

Enjoy plentiful Yoga classes.

Omega is committed to their nonprofit mission of awakening the best in the human spirit and aims to provide a truly immersive learning experience on their beautiful 250-acre campus. Seasonal Staff members are offered a robust educational program that includes the opportunity to live and work in community, develop professional skills, and explore their own personal growth in a welcoming environment.

Seasonal Staff members commit to a full-time schedule for 6 months and receive a compensation package that includes a weekly wage, indoor housing, and all meals that is at minimum equivalent to the New York State minimum wage. For example, with a base hourly rate, given a 35-hour work week, staff would receive a wage of $197.50 per week in addition to their housing and meals.

Shorter-term/part-time Service Corps Members receive all meals and are provided with a campsite and shared bathroom facilities.

Relax with a book in your time off!

All seasonal staff will participate in the Holistic Education Program (including thousands of exclusive classes each year); have access to campus facilities; receive a 20% discount at the Omega Store, Omega Café, and Omega Wellness Center; and participation in a vibrant learning community. Also included are daily open classes in yoga, tai chi, meditation, and movement, as well as access to Omega concerts, dances, catalog sampler classes, and other special events.

The Essentials

The grounds and gardens at Omega.

Omega is committed to diversity. Service-oriented people of any age (18 and over), gender, national origin, race, sexual orientation and spiritual belief are encouraged to apply. From 18-year-olds to retirees, Seasonal Community Members come from all walks of life. There may be teachers on break from school tending to the garden, lawyers serving in the Dining Hall, and college students eager to gain team-building skills welcoming participants and helping with their luggage. Many individuals in midlife find that a season at Omega is an ideal experience during a life transition or career change. It is also perfect for young graduates and active retirees who want to participate in community living.

Individuals who are flexible, positive, generous, respectful of boundaries, and have reasonable expectations, a strong work ethic, and a commitment to Omega's values and mission will thrive in this environment.

Your First Move & Connections

The seasonal team at Omega.

Before filling out the online application, please read through the frequently asked questions and community life overview.

Hiring begins each year in early January and continues through the end of September.

Path to the Omega Institute People and Culture Team
Omega Institute
150 Lake Drive
Rhinebeck, NY 12572

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