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Alabama 4-H Science School Instructors facilitate a wide range of environmental, outdoor and experiential education programs.

Alabama 4-H Science School Instructors facilitate a wide range of environmental, outdoor and experiential education programs.

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Fun Facts: Alabama offers literally every type of outdoor adventure imaginable, from camping, cycling, hiking, canoeing and kayaking to horseback riding, fishing, scaling boulders and rappelling down canyons. Alabama is also home to more species of freshwater turtle, crayfish, and mussel than any other state!

The Alabama 4-H Science School provide hands-on, educational experiences that connect people of all ages to the natural world and each other.

Alabama 4-H Science School

Outdoor Education Instructors

The Alabama 4-H Center rests on 264 acres of lush rolling woodlands along the banks of beautiful Lay Lake and surrounded by some of the state’s most ecologically diverse features, including the Cahaba River, Talladega National Forest, Cheaha Wilderness and Oak Mountain State Park. The Center is also located only 35 miles from Birmingham, a culturally diverse city with excellent dining, music and arts.

Program in the Spotlight Are you ready to take the next step and start building or expanding your foundation in environmental education, outdoor education and animal husbandry? The tremendous amount of learning and teaching opportunities at the Alabama 4-H Science School enables seasonal Instructors to become well equipped for most any position in the outdoor field. You'll get involved with team building facilitation, belaying, canoe instruction, science-based teaching, live animal husbandry for an extensive collection of native and non-native species, Red Cross lifeguard certification (summer season), Alabama boating license (with reimbursement), and the list goes on and on! Positions are available during the spring (mid-February to mid-May), summer (mid-May to mid-August) and fall (mid-August to mid-December). Preference is given to those who can make a 2+ season commitment. To begin the application process, email your resume and 3 professional references to Amy Walker.

Spring 2018 Season Employment
Alabama 4-HSS is currently accepting Instructor applications for the spring season (mid-February to mid-May). Hiring for summer 2018 will begin in March/April.

Amy Walker
Director of Environmental Education
Alabama 4-H Science School
892 Four H Rd.
Columbiana, AL 35051

(205) 669-4241
(205) 669-1364 fax

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Camp Cosby has a culture of deep tradition and a very supportive alumni base. Being a part of Camp Cosby connects staff with Cosby’s past and encourages them to shape Cosby’s future.

YMCA Camp Cosby

Outdoor Education Instructor/Naturalists & Summer Camp Staff

Located on 135 acres on the shores of beautiful Logan Martin Lake in east central Alabama, Camp Cosby provides the perfect atmosphere for a sleepaway camp, outdoor education, family events and retreats. Two hours from Atlanta and an hour from Birmingham, the campus truly provides a retreat in nature. Campers, students and guests enjoy beautiful shorelines, amazing sunsets and 10 miles of hiking trails.

YMCA Job ListingProgram in the Spotlight Join YMCA Camp Cosby’s caring, dedicated and enthusiastic Summer Camp & Outdoor Education Team to positively impact program participants and yourself! During the school year, Outdoor Education Instructor/Naturalists are responsible for the general welfare, safety and supervision of students while delivering programs, activities and encouragement to the students. Specific duties include teaching various educational topics (aquatic and forest ecology, wildlife ecology and adaptations, sensory awareness, organic gardening, town meetings, maps, orienteering and living history simulations), facilitating team building and outdoor activities and leading evening programs and hikes. During the summer months, Camp Staff are needed to ensure the safety, growth, fun and development of campers through a variety of activities. Preference is given to applicants who are skilled in lifeguarding, climbing & belaying, equestrian, waterskiing & wakeboarding, mini bike riding & mechanics and ceramics. Positions are available during the spring (February to May) and fall seasons (September to December), with a multiple season and a summer camp work option (mid-May through the end of July). All staff must be at least 19 years of age.

Spring Season & Summer Camp Jobs @ YMCA Camp Cosby
Camp Cosby is seeking Outdoor Education Instructor/Naturalists for the spring season (February 21st to May 18th) and Summer Camp staff!

Outdoor Education: Michael Morriss, Program Director
Summer Camp Staff: Karen Kasprzak, Program Operations Director

YMCA Camp CosbyYMCA Camp Cosby
2290 Paul B Bryant Rd.
Alpine, AL 35014

(256) 268-2007

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The Cahaba Environmental Center at Living River is an environmental education organization managed by McDowell Environmental Center.

Cahaba Environmental Center

Environmental Educators

The site is a breathtaking tree-covered point nestled in a deep bend in the Cahaba River, preserving a mix of hardwoods and older trees that were once typical of Alabama's river bottoms but elsewhere have been logged and replaced with faster-growing pines. The Cahaba River provides habitat for an impressive diversity of aquatic species, is one of Birmingham's primary sources for drinking water, and has become a hot spot for recreational activities. Because of this unique location, CEC fronts over 4 miles of river, giving you ample space to canoe and explore.

The Cahaba Environmental Center is focused on inspiring students of all ages to become stewards of the natural world through hands-on, experiential environmental science programming that connects them to the Cahaba River. Paired with one trail group of 8-12 students during their 1-5 day experience, Environmental Educators will have the opportunity to share the wonders of the natural world, create a sense of community, foster a fun and safe learning environment and facilitate hands-on activities about topics such as forest and stream ecology, watershed science, Native American culture, and geologic processes. Positions are available during the spring (mid-February through May) and fall (August to late November). Applicants must hold a Bachelor’s degree, have experience with students of various ages, and demonstrate creativity, enthusiasm, maturity, initiative, a sense of humor, flexibility and team spirit. If you have a passion for learning and teaching about the natural world and cultural history, email your cover letter, resume and three references to Shannon Moore.

Spring Season Employment Alert
CEC is currently seeking Environmental Educators for the spring season (mid-February through the end of May).

Shannon Moore
Program and Outreach Coordinator
Cahaba Environmental Center
2021 Living River Parkway
Montevallo, AL 35515

(205) 208-0035

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McDowell Environmental Center connects people to the environment, teach respect for the earth and its beings and to promote a commitment to lifelong learning.

McDowell Environmental Center

Environmental Education Instructors

Located near the Bankhead National Forest in northwest Alabama, with deep sandstone canyons, miles of trails and streams and many waterfalls.

With a mission to connect people to the environment, teach respect for the Earth and its beings, and promote a commitment to lifelong learning, McDowell Environmental Center is making the world a better place by educating tomorrow's leaders about the natural world. MEC Instructors teach classes that are hands-on and minds-on, giving students the greatest opportunity to learn about themselves and better understand our environment. Responsibilities include teaching groups of up to 12 students, from a variety of age levels and backgrounds, on topics that include geology, energy, social studies, forest ecology, aquatic habitat studies, challenge course adventure, team building, canoeing, and outdoor skills. Positions are available during the spring (early February to mid-May) and fall (late August to mid-December). If you are an awesome, enthusiastic teacher who loves children and sharing the natural world with them, email your cover letter, resume and three professional references to Carrie Evans.

Spring Season Employment Alert
MEC is currently seeking Environmental Education Instructors for the spring season (early February to mid-May).

Carrie Evans
McDowell Environmental Center
105 Delong Rd.
Nauvoo, AL 35578

(205) 387-1806, ext. 108
(205) 221-3454 fax

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