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Explore a wide variety of work and travel programs with InterExchange!

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Unique Resources

Find Your Spot

Do you like a lot of sunny weather? Or, perhaps, want to live in a college town? provides an online quiz that focuses on the issues that are really important to you—from climate and recreational activities to religion and community resources. Once you've completed the quiz, a tailored list of the best cities and small towns is displayed.

Bicycle Friendly Community

Are you looking for a community that encourages its residents to cycle for recreation, fitness and transportation to work or the local market? The Bicycle Friendly Community campaign offers community profiles of the best cycling cities in the U.S.

Got Couch?
Need a place to crash? Try a Stranger's Couch. touring cyclist hospitality Or perhaps you're a touring cyclist in need of hospitality? Check out

The Caretaker Gazette: Your source for caretaking and house sitting jobs

If you ever imagined stepping into a simpler lifestyle, without the worry of rent or making a living, check out the opportunities listed in The Caretaker Gazette. This unique bi-monthly newsletter provides listings for caretaker and house sitting positions worldwide.

Workamper News: helping great people with an RV find great jobs in great places

Got an RV and want to combine work & travel? Workamper News is the place to find part-time or full-time work—from campgrounds & RV parks to amusement parks & tourist hot spots.

Unique Books

House as a Mirror of Self: Exploring the Deeper Meaning of Home

Learn more about this book on Just as it is important in finding a career that brings meaning to life, so is finding a home with heart. House as a Mirror of Self explores the deeper meaning of home and the complex connections that each of us creates with our surroundings.

The Power of Place

Learn more about this book on Why is that some people thrive in the hustle and bustle of city life or choose to find comfort in the quiet of the countryside? The Power of Place reveals the complexities between people and the places in which they live, work and enjoy. A highly recommended read for those searching for a place that brings a sense of home.