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Teach, grow and explore at Nature's Classroom.

Teach, grow and explore at Nature's Classroom.

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Nature's Classroom

Environmental & Outdoor Educators, Medical Team, Kitchen Staff

Freedom and Hancock (Sargent Center)

Through unique, hands-on experiential education programs, environmental/outdoor educators with Nature's Classroom immerse students in grades 4-8 in community awareness, motivational learning and conservation of our natural resources at one of 13 centers located in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and Rhode Island. In addition to educators, medical staff (Nurse, LPN, EMT) and a kitchen team (Head Cook, Assistant Cook, Co-Cook) are hired each season.

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Laura Short
Associate Director
Nature's Classroom
19 Harrington Rd.
Charlton, MA 01507
(508) 248-2741
(800) 433-8375 toll free
(508) 248-2745 fax
[email protected]

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Mayhew Program

Summer Link-Up Trip Leaders

Throughout New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine

For ten weeks each summer, 64 at-risk boys (ages 12-17) and 3 trip leaders take on the excitement and rigor of outdoor adventure trips in New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. Through it all though, the staff and boys continue to build upon the uniquely challenging and supportive community called Mayhew. Working in tandem with two other staff members, Link-Up Trip Leaders will lead five-day backpacking, biking, canoeing and wilderness skills trips from June 13–August 19, 2015. To apply, contact Brett Billings for an application.

Brett Billings
Link-Up Trip Coordinator
Mayhew Program
P.O. Box 120
Bristol, NH 03222

(603) 209-6968
(603) 744-8347 fax
[email protected]

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Student Conservation Association

Summer National Conservation Crew Leaders

All 50 states and at more than 400 sites around the country

The Student Conservation Association is seeking qualified applicants to lead, educate, and inspire high school students for the summer of 2015. SCA’s National Crews offer you a chance to visit places you’ve never seen before, camping with your crew members in the field to enjoy nature at its best. You’ll be building trails, conserving vital habitats, and protecting natural resources for future generations. National Crews will also set you on the path to other SCA opportunities, like Trail Corps and Conservation Internships. Typical programs run 15 to 35 days in length, starting the beginning of June through the end of August.

The Student Conservation Association
689 River Rd.
Charlestown, NH 03603-4171
(603) 543-1700
[email protected]

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