In What Unique Way Can You Jump-Start Your
Short-Term Job Adventure in 2017?

Five easy things you can do right now to begin your new job adventure in life: create a life's list, read a book, connect with people, listen to your soul, thank everyone.

Here's our top five tips for a job hunting energy boost:

Create a life's list. I want to... work on an organic farm, lead an adventure trip in Nepal, climb Mt. Fuji, write a book, live on a boat... got the picture? See how many you can check off your list this year and see how many more you can add to it! (explore our Geography Job Directory)

Indulge in three books to start your new adventures off right. That's right, for every idea you have about landing a cool job, there's a book to help you with your pursuits. See what changes happen because of it! (view our recommended books)

Connect with the right person. Whether your dream is to work at a National Park or to volunteer in Africa, there is someone who has "been there, done that." Make it a goal to find that person and pick their brain. Offering to buy them lunch is a good starting point.

Listen to the Zen inside. Sound silly? Not really. Your inner light will always guide you on the right path if you stop and listen. Journalize these thoughts.

Thank everyone who helps you in your pursuits. Not only does humanity need more acts of kindness, you never know how this "helping hand" will help to change your life.