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Better the land; better yourself. Residential Crews with the Southwest Conservation Corps blend team building with vital conservation projects in beautiful Southwest locales.

The Southwest Conservation Corps (SCC) is a nonprofit, AmeriCorps-affiliated organization with offices in Durango and Salida, Colorado. SCC engages young adults, ages 16-25, to complete conservation work projects on public lands through the Southwest. SCC has a strong environmental education component, and life skills are learned via formal lessons, on-the-job training, and the process of communal living. The majority of SCC's programs are residential programs, with crews camping in either front or backcountry settings for nine to eleven-day periods. SCC serves a diverse population that is representative of the Southwest, including at-risk youth, college graduates, veterans and a cross-section of ethnicities and income levels.

Seasonal Job Overview

Exciting, challenging, rewarding—there is no one word to describe participating in SCC. You’ll learn, but it will take hard work and sweat. You’ll complete great service projects, but it won’t always be easy. You’ll meet some great people, but you won’t always see eye-to-eye. It’s about learning, working hard for the environment and communities, and giving something back.

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Featured Job Openings

Crew Leaders

Crew Leader
Location: Regional offices in Salida and Durango CO; work throughout the Four Corners region
Stipend: $10-$13/hour DOE/DOQ
Ages: 21+
Dates: Late March to late November, 2018

Southwest Conservation Corps' Crew Leaders perform many roles and are the key to the program's success. The position is also multi-faceted and demanding, but with opportunity for enormous rewards. Successful candidates will demonstrate high standards, compassion, excellent judgment, and the desire to devote themselves (at least seasonally!) to youth and the environment. The Crew Leader position requires both supervisory and technical aptitude, and a high level of comfort in the outdoors.

Crew Leader Development Program

Crew Leader Development Program
Location: Program based in Durango, CO
Living Allowance: $375/week + an AmeriCorps education award of $2,887 at the end of your term of service
Ages: 21+
Dates: April through November, 2018

The focus of the Crew Leader Development Program (CLDP) is leadership, Corpsmember development, and conservation skills over a six-month period. During the first phase, participants are placed as Corpsmembers where they will work and learn conservation skills with experienced crew leaders on conservation projects in CO and NM. While gaining valuable conservation skills, CLDP members will learn outdoor leadership and mentorship skills. During the second phase, CLDP members will be placed in leadership opportunities that may include positions on conservation crews, youth crews, specialized technical crews and/or individual projects.

Conservation Crew Corpsmember

Conservation Crew Corpsmember
Location: Regional offices in Salida and Durango, CO
Living Allowance & Benefits: $275/week, AmeriCorps education award, WFA certification, chainsaw training, and food and personal protective equipment provided during work time
Ages: 18-26
Dates: June–November (varied start/end dates)

Conservation Crew Corpsmembers will complete projects that may include trail construction and maintenance, fencing, habitat improvement, hazardous fuels reduction and re-vegetation. Each crew consists of six members and two leaders. Crews work and camp for eleven days at a time in frontcountry and backcountry locations in all types of weather conditions and at a variety of national parks, national forests and other areas throughout the Southwest. Crews prepare all their own meals and work together as a group to complete all the necessary chores.

Forging the Trail!

Veterans Fire Corps
Location: Based out of Salida and Durango, CO; work throughout the Four Corners region
Living Allowance: $460-$600/week (Leaders); $375/week + $2,182 AmeriCorps education award (Corpmembers)
Ages: 21+; must be a military veteran
Dates: April–September/December (Leaders); April–September and August–December (Corpsmembers)

Veterans Fire Corps provides purposeful service and training opportunities for current era veterans interested in gaining experience in natural resource and wildland fire careers. The program engages veterans to work together on crews completing natural resource management projects, fuel reduction, fire mitigation and other fire-related projects on public lands. Project work and schedule will vary depending on region and season. Training will focus on gaining conservation skills and career development services for veterans interested in pursuing employment opportunities with land management. The program provides training opportunities and contact with future employers for current era veterans who are transitioning from the military to jobs and opportunities in the civilian sector. Crews are generally comprised of individuals 21-35 years of age looking to work in Wildland Fire.

Ancestral Lands engages Native youth and young adults in meaningful conservation projects on Native Lands.

Ancestral Lands Interns & Crew Members

Ancestral Lands engages Native youth and young adults in meaningful conservation projects on Native Lands. With programs in Acoma Pueblo, Navajo Nation, and most recently Zuni Pueblo, Ancestral Lands crews have been working on projects from historical preservation, traditional agriculture, chainsaw crews, hiking clubs, stream restoration, fencing, trail construction and more. The Ancestral Lands program also aims to incorporate traditional culture and language as part of crew lifestyle and project work.

Perks & Rewards

Enjoying a break!

In addition to a weekly allowance or stipend ranging from $275-$600/week, you will receive these benefits:
Paid training
Worker's compensation coverage
AmeriCorps education award ranging from $1,212 to $5,350 (if eligible)

Connections & Application

The faces of the Southwest Conservation Corps

Southwest Conservation CorpsAfter you've had a chance to absorb all of SCC's job opportunities, feel free to email or call the Recruiting Coordinators with your questions. An online application can be filled out for each position you are interested in, and application confirmation will be sent to you within a week. If selected, either a phone or in-person interview is conducted.

Four Corners Regional Office
Teresa DiTore and Ryan Brink
Recruiting Coordinators
Southwest Conservation Corps
701 Camino del Rio, Suite 101
Durango, CO 81301
(970) 403-0141

Los Valles Regional Office
Anna Hendricks
Recruiting Coordinator
Southwest Conservation Corps
701 Rainbow Blvd.
Salida, CO 81201
(719) 539-2438

Southwest Conservation Corps

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Conservation Legacy is a national organization dedicated to supporting locally based conservation service programs that empower individuals to positively impact their lives, their communities and the environment. AmeriCorps programs do more than move communities forward; they serve their members by creating jobs and providing pathways to opportunity for young people entering the workforce.

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