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Live and work at Odiyan Retreat Center on one thousand breathtakingly beautiful acres overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Northern California.

Make a Difference in the Odiyan Gardens!
Odiyan Retreat Center, a 1,000-acre spiritual and ecological sanctuary overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Northern California, is seeking super energetic, enthusiastic Gardener/Farmers for the organic vegetable gardens and orchards. Engage hands-on work in a challenging program where work is the vehicle for your inner development. Engage your mind, replenish your spirit anal learn new skills in a wholesome, beautiful environment where accomplishment and learning about yourself go hand-in-hand. Stay for 6 months or more and receive housing, vegetarian meals, classes and monthly living allowance.

Backdoorjobs.com • Short-Term Job AdventuresIn the silence of meditation, the soulful songs of Sufi dance, the vitality and healthful benefits of yoga, the study of ancient disciplines of the East, or the healing techniques of Gestalt therapy, holistic retreat centers are providing something that's missing in so many people's lives—food for the soul.

From ecovillages and artist communities to yoga institutes and Zen centers, this channel offers unique opportunities for hard work, personal growth, reflection and rejuvenation, spiritual exploration and community building. The work component at each center is generally basic and rudimentary; however, a collection of stimulating classes and workshops, connecting with inspiring and supportive people and indulging in fresh, organic meals may be the hiatus you need to reawaken your soul.

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Odiyan Retreat Center: Meaningful work to preserve enlightened knowledge!

For over 40 years, thousands of volunteers from all over the world have been contributing their time and energy to the gardens, temples and sacred art of Odiyan Buddhist Retreat Center.

Program in the Spotlight Odiyan Retreat Center is a 1,000-acre spiritual and ecological sanctuary high on a ridge overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Northern California. Modeled after Tibet's first monastery—a three-dimensional mandala, Odiyan models a way of life that integrates work with a path of self-exploration. The expansive projects and demanding schedule provide a stable foundation for a wholesome life style of physical work, community involvement and personal development. Currently seeking individuals who can commit to six months or more and have the physical health and stamina for daily manual work and the desire to engage themselves in a program that challenges the body, mind and spirit. You will receive housing, meals, optional classes in Tibetan yoga and Skillful Means, meditation and a $150 per month living allowance. Although Odiyan has its foundations in Tibetan Buddhism, no religious affiliation is required. Current volunteer work includes construction, landscaping, gardening, vegetarian cooking, art and sculpture. A minimum commitment of six months or more is necessary. Learn more at Volunteer.Odiyan.org.

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Experience the Extraordinary @ Odiyan
Now seeking outdoors-loving Gardeners to work in the organic vegetable garden beginning this summer with an interest in using everyday experience as a means for self-discovery.

Photographs and words cannot convey the vast and expansive sacred beauty of Odiyan.

Odiyan is home to a crew of hardy volunteers donating their energy and time to the projects, buildings and lands of this Northern California Retreat Center.

See more images of living and working in one of the most spectacular Buddhist centers in the world. Join a community of like-minded individuals dedicating themselves to work for the benefit of all humanity.

Experience the Beauty of Ratna Ling.

Volunteer and stay at Ratna Ling Retreat Center in the redwood-studded coastal hills of Sonoma County, California. Ratna Ling is a non-profit, all volunteer staffed retreat center for education, healing and spirituality in everyday life. Be in a spiritual community of like-minded people dedicated to service to humanity. The Ratna Ling Work-Study Retreat Program offers accommodations, vegetarian meals, Buddhist classes, a small monthly living allowance, and opportunities to train in a wide range of practical vocational and business skills. Resident staff are needed in the kitchen, guest facilities, outdoors (gardening, groundskeeping and maintenance), and in the Book Bindery (no experience required). Free evening classes including meditation, Tibetan yoga, and Buddhist philosophy give participants in this program a chance to deepen their knowledge and facilitate self-development. If you like to work hard, are willing to view work as a source of learning, and possess a strong commitment to personal growth, then you will thrive in this environment. The initial commitment is six months to a year. Must be at least 23 years of age and need not be Buddhist or have any religious affiliation to apply. For more information, email volunteer@ratnaling.org or apply now.

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Experience hands-on spirituality in an intentional community guided by the teachings of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

Looking for an opportunity to unite practical accomplishment with spiritual development? Immerse yourself in a lifestyle that combines aspects of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition with a strong work ethic of accomplishment for the benefit of all humanity.

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Clear Sky Retreat Centre: Learning Together.Come join Clear Sky Center, a vibrant international community working with people who have a heart for spiritual exploration and who want to awaken more deeply. Whether you are in transition, yearning to experience life in community, or have been curious about meditation and haven’t found the time or money to take a long retreat, Karma Yoga Service Stays are an opportunity to commit to a period of retreat through meditation in action, study and personal growth in return for sharing your experience in a particular field. The Center is currently seeking individuals who can assist in one or more of the following areas: administrative and IT assistance, marketing strategy and support, event coordination, kitchen assistance and farm/ food forest support. A diverse group of on-site managers will actively support your integration into the program, your involvement and ultimately your path to exploring your potential for more. You will receive daily meditation instruction and practice, Dharma mindfulness training, classes, retreats, community-based activities and learning, comfortable shared accommodations, and three organic and locally sourced meals daily. To apply, fill out the online application or connect with Michelle Heinz for more information. Eligible candidates will be asked to join Clear Sky for a one-month trial period (a $750 refundable deposit is required). After this period, a minimum commitment of two additional months will be required.

How it works — is Karma Yoga for you?

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Learn how to engage, enliven and grow yourself and those around you!

Challenge yourself, reap the benefits. The Karma Yoga Service Program is not merely about fulfilling a job description, but how you engage with others to produce an outcome that’s greater than yourself.

Learn how to engage, enliven and grow yourself and those around you! The Clear Sky Karma Yoga Service Stay is an opportunity for anyone seeking lasting personal growth while sharing their skills and experience in a conscious and welcoming community.

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Kalani is Hawaii's largest retreat center, and one of the best-loved centers in the world. Visitors from around the world come for personal and group yoga retreats and the colorful mix of performing arts, nature, adventure, culture, wellness, and diverse programming.
Surrounded by thermal springs, tidal pools, waterfalls, botanical gardens, black sand beaches and spectacular Volcanoes National Park, Kalani treats visitors to Hawaii's aloha spirit, offering transformative cultural and wellness experiences. Kalani's Volunteer Program is an extraordinary way for people from all over the world to experience community life in Hawaii in an affordable way. Over 125 volunteers support the daily operations of this charitable retreat center. Volunteers assist in the kitchen, housekeeping, landscaping, maintenance or permaculture four days each week. The initial time commitment is either one, two or three months, with options for extending. The tuition fee includes a living space (Camping: 2 months—$1,400; 3 months—$1,650 or Lodging: 2 months—$1,800; 3 months—$1,950), three healthy meals a day (vegetarian & vegan options available), weekly classes & activities, full use of campus amenities (including a clothing-optional swimming pool, hot tubs, sauna, workout room), vacation time (for personal relaxation, exploration or intensive study) and skilled tradespeople receive significant incentives. Nearby attractions include volcano and rainforest treks, dolphin swims, and snorkeling. Volunteers receive reduced rates for adventures, massage and some workshops. Kalani's weekly schedule of 50+ classes in yoga/wellness, Hawaiian culture, and performing arts is free for volunteers. Kalani's one-month Sabbatical Program offers further benefits and requires two days work per week. If you are ready to be a part of a thriving community based on serving with aloha, mutual respect and open communication, contact the Volunteer Coordinator for more info, read the FAQ, watch the volunteer video or go directly to Kalani's application form. It's recommended you apply 6-9 months prior to your preferred start date.

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Become part of a community of friendly, spirited, and hardworking individuals whose dedication and creativity make Kalani a special place to live.

Upon arrival at the Kalani Village, each volunteer is provided with a journal to capture his or her own growth and lessons learned, through writing and artwork—a necessary tool to prepare for life's next adventure. For many new Volunteers, Kalani holds the promise of a new direction, a new adventure and a new way of life. Learn more about one Volunteer's exciting work adventure at Kalani »

One of the benefits of being a Kalani volunteer is living near an active volcano. Curious about what else Kalani has to offer?

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Coming to Rowe is a pilgrimage, traveling a distance from our accustomed place to enter a sacred space, where we are transformed. Eventually we return to the turbulent world, as all pilgrims do, infused with fresh energy, courage, and love.

Located in the beautiful Berkshires of Massachusetts, the Rowe Camp and Conference Center offers a unique summer camp program for youth and adults as well as weekend retreats delivered from renowned leaders on psychology, spirituality, arts, health, creativity, the environment, and relationships during the fall through spring seasons. The Cooking Internship is an opportunity to learn vegetarian cooking and bread baking from Rowe's wonderful cooks over a 3-month minimum commitment. This program has all the features of the basic work-study program with the exception that you will not be able to attend conferences, as you'll be cooking for them. Summer positions include Camp Program and Cabin staff, a Head Cook, Cooks, Kitchen Housekeeper/Prep Cooks and Maintenance staff. Summer positions run as early as April through October, and include a weekly wage plus room and board. The Volunteer Residency Program is a chance for people who want to slow down, take stock, explore new directions, engage in creative and meaningful work, and be a part of a value-based, supportive community. Participants work 33 hours per week in exchange for room, board, and the opportunity to participate in the Rowe’s many programs. The residency can last from six weeks to a year, anytime from Labor Day until late June. Volunteer stays last anywhere from six weeks to a year, and work is arranged by matching your skills and preferences with Rowe's needs, which may include housekeeping, buildings and grounds maintenance, office work, and more. To apply, fill out the appropriate application and email it to Paulette Roccio.

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The Volunteer Residency Program is a chance for people who want to slow down, take stock, explore new directions, engage in creative and meaningful work, and be a part of a value-based, supportive community.

The Cooking Internship is an opportunity to learn vegetarian cooking and bread baking from Rowe's wonderful cooks over a 3-month minimum commitment.

Are you at a transition point in your life? Do you want to explore who you really are and where you're going? Whether you are recently retired, just finishing college, or taking a break from your current work, the Rowe Center Volunteer Residency Program or Cooking Internship may be just what you need.

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Omega: Workshops, Retreats, Trainings, Conferences, Vacations

Each year over 350 staff members with diverse backgrounds join Omega's vibrant learning community to work and grow alongside like-minded people.

Program in the Spotlight A season at the Omega Institute offers a unique opportunity to live in community, work in service, and to learn about yourself and others. The seasonal staff are instrumental in producing a fantastic guest experience for the workshop, conference, and retreat participants at the Rhinebeck, NY campus. Seasonal Staff Community Members will live and work in a vibrant learning community on Omega's beautiful 200-acre campus, enjoy delicious meals in a mostly vegetarian dining hall, and have access to more than 3,000 staff classes in everything from yoga, the arts, energy healing, coaching, and so much more. Benefits include a weekly wage, indoor housing on Omega’s campus, wholesome meals, discounts at the Omega Store, Omega Café and Omega Wellness Center and access to campus facilities, concerts and dances. To fulfill the many departmental needs, Omega is currently looking for service oriented people with skills in such areas as hospitality, customer service, gardening, audio/visual, lifeguards with water-front module certification, food service cooks, and luggage handlers. Applicants must commit to 6 months during the months of April through October (part-time positions are also available for a shorter term). If you are creative, enthusiastic, responsible, willing to learn and are seeking ways to make our world more healthy and humane, consider joining the Omega team! Learn more about the Omega Seasonal Community Member Experience »

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Current Hiring Needs @ Omega!
Residential Staff Members commit to a full-time schedule through October. Seeking applicants with a strong interest in culinary arts and hospitality; openings also available in many other departments.
Residential Service Corps Members commit to a part-time schedule of up to 28 hours per week for at least 4 weeks. Seeking applicants in all departments!

Omega Institute • Transforming Lives

From 18 year olds to retirees, Community Members come from all walks of life. Many individuals in mid-life also find that a season at Omega is an ideal experience during a life transition or career change. Together, Omega Community Members all play an integral role in co-creating Omega’s vibrant learning community—a responsive, nurturing, and supportive atmosphere in which to work, study, play, rest and recharge.

Did you know? Menla Mountain Retreat  is operated by Tibet House U.S., whose mission is to help preserve the culture and wisdom of Tibet.

Set on 325 acres in the heart of the historic Catskill Mountains of New York and surrounded by a stunning national forest preserve, Menla Mountain Retreat is a perfect environment for engaging your spiritual practice and artistic expression. Support staff are needed from mid-March through December (with a 3-month minimum commitment) in the following positions:

Front of House: Serving as the face of Menla, you will act as the primary interface between the diversity of guests and staff.
Kitchen: As the heart and hearth of Menla, you will work closely with the Chef in the preparation of three locally sourced meals a day for 30-200 people.
Maintenance: Help to facilitate the beautification and upkeep of Menla's stunning property and work closely with the rest of the maintenance team.
Housekeeping: Helping to facilitate the smooth transition between retreats, Housekeepers work together to clean meeting spaces and turn over guest rooms.
Spa and Wellness Coordinator: Assist with administrative and operational tasks for Menla’s world-class healing spa and wellness facility. Responsibilities include spa appointment scheduling, invoicing, point of sale processes, and interfacing with therapists and guests.

Compensation for full-time residential staff is $10/hour, less a state set housing deduction. Tent cabin housing is an alternative choice (with no deduction); and an optional meal plan is available. After work enjoy hiking trails, swimming pools, free attendance of Tibet House teachings, various yoga and meditation classes, bi-monthly staff sauna days, and discounts on massage treatments & bookstore items. To apply, fill out the online application or email Nina Gramaglia for more information.

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Menla Mountain Resort is a great place for people with a range of interests — working here will be dynamic, inspiring and fun!

Menla staff tending to the Delos flower bed.

Work for a noble cause. Gain valuable job experience. Pursue personal development. Live in a beautiful mountain valley. Enjoy incredible outdoor activities. Play with a great team of staff members. Menla Mountain Retreat is a wonderful place for people with a range of interests — working here will be dynamic, inspiring and fun! View the staff experience »

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Sky Meadow Retreat hosts small groups of 8-16 people for retreats of 2 days to 2 weeks, as well as individual and couple's solos focused on personal growth, consciousness, wellness, community and spirituality.

Located on 120 acres of beautiful land in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom, Sky Meadow Retreat is a small boutique retreat center and organic farm hosting solo and group retreats of 10–16 people for 2–10 nights focused on personal and spiritual growth. As a working organic homestead, much of the food is grown for residents and guests and wood is used for heat and building materials.

Now seeking a Marketing & Business Manager who will handle all marketing for retreats, including social media, web site development, online courses, video and audio production. Responsibilities also include helping to organize and manage the business, including finances, bookings and correspondence with customers, and providing orientations for retreat groups. If this is a good fit for all, you will also have an opportunity to be a co-owner of the business. Compensation includes housing in a beautiful, fully equipped onsite 2-story cabin, all utilities including WiFi, basic food staples, all produce grown on the farm and a $500-$1,000/month stipend depending on skill level and abilities. You will also live in a stunning and quiet location with a small group of people dedicated to self-awareness and presence, meditation, conscious communication, and conscious living. Lifestyle includes simple homesteading practices with low environmental impact sourcing needs from the surrounding land. Applicants should have experience with current digital marketing platforms, retreat centers and organic farming or homesteading. If you are looking for meaningful work and a simple lifestyle within a community focused on personal growth and spiritual development, contact Miles Sherts to explore this unique opportunity.

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Sky Meadow Retreat is located on 120 acres secluded at the end of a road in the small town of Stannard, Vermont on a 150 year old homestead.

This is a lifestyle fully supportive of your personal and spiritual development where there is space, time, and encouragement for self-nurturing and the intention is to use every interaction as an opportunity to become more present and conscious.

This is a very unusual job opportunity for a very unusual person who is looking for a holistic lifestyle where work, play and home are blended together, and contentment fulfillment and connection with others is the priority rather than accumulating wealth or self-preservation.

Celebrate Your Life!

Attend workshops that will open your heart, awaken your spirit and fill your soul with joy—a spectacular and powerful weekend event featuring the country's top authors and speakers. Explore Celebrate Your Life for an upcoming conference.

Lilipoh ~ the spirit in life

Interested in holistic health, well-being, creativity, spirituality, gardening, education, art or social health? LILIPOH is a well-rounded, solution-oriented lifestyles magazine for creative, green-minded, thinking individuals.

The Renaissance Soul: How to Make Your Passions Your Life

Learn more about this book on Amazon.com Are you the type of person who loves variety, new challenges or juggling multiple interests? Perhaps you're dreaming about working on a farm, leading worldwide adventure tours or starting your own business? If you're feeling overwhelmed or scattered by all the passions you enjoy in life, the Renaissance Soul will provide you with down-to-earth insights on focusing your energy in the now while becoming more creative over the course of your life.

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