The Road Less Traveled. Summer Community Service Adventures for Teenagers. Land an incredible Field Instructor job!

The Road Less Traveled is an extraordinary opportunity to join with others, build deep relationships, meet challenges together and enrich the world.

The Road Less Traveled is a life-changing educational travel experience; an extraordinary opportunity to join with others, explore humanity, and build deep relationships and an appreciation for our world’s vast adventurous scenery and its people. RLT offers domestic and international community service, language and multi-sport adventure travel programs in over 15 countries and throughout North America (including the American West, California, Hawaii, Texas, Florida Keys, the Gulf Coast, Outer Banks, Belize, Bonaire, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Iceland, India, Italy, Nepal, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Peru, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda and Vietnam.

RLT engages in a service of presence and active listening in the world supporting young people to get outside, seek adventure, experience challenge, make new friends, build community and understand the world and its people in a new way. Working closely with communities and in environments around the world, we have forged a strong alliance of caring professionals all driven by their deep conviction and concern for the future and welfare of others. We have developed an impressive body of knowledge, innovative methods and approaches for informal cultural exchange with the hope of building trust. Trust is the single most important element if we are to effectively and compassionately serve others and the world.

We encourage involvement; cultivate leadership, excellence, openness and sensitivity, initiative, communal participation, social activism and environmentalism. We make an impact on a wide range of issues as we encounter the environment, poverty, health, immigration, conflict resolution, education, and more. As we learn to speak out for justice, working alongside young and old, rich and poor, disadvantaged and weary, we contribute and learn how our actions make an impact in the world and on one another!

What You Can Do

Trip Leaders are genuine, spirited, friendly, athletic, educated and well-traveled. They are not just educators and counselors, they are mentors. They are responsible, committed to those around them, purposeful and bold.

The world is a very big place. Take a deep breath and a long stride, and suddenly you're looking up at Mount Kilimanjaro, running rapids down Desolation Canyon, trading stories with the Hadza by the light of a campfire, or swaying high above Costa Rica's rainforest canopy.

Go to the far places. Work and give with both thought and conscience. Stay open to challenges, meet them head on. Welcome surprise. Value teamwork. Look deeply into the big, bountiful world, and revel in the knowledge that there are still many, many Roads Less Traveled...

Working for RLT is an extraordinary opportunity to join with others, build deep relationships and meet challenges together. Life moves, changes, begins, ends, challenges, questions, hurts, exhausts, inspires, connects, satisfies, and rewards. Join RLT as you enrich the world and the lives of others!

To be a part of the leadership of The Road Less Traveled is to be a part of the RLT family. Talk to our Instructors, you will find there is no better resource in making your decision. —Jim and Donna Stein, Founders

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2018 Field Instructor & Co-Instructor Jobs

Join RLT as you enrich the world and the lives of others!The Road Less Traveled offers two summer positions: Field Instructors and Co-Instructors. Co-Instructors work in conjunction with the Field Instructor in a variety of supportive roles. Most first year staff are Co-Instructors. However, if you feel you have the qualifications and would like to apply specifically for a Field Instructor position, please indicate that on your application.

Field Instructors will plan, coordinate and execute daily activities and trip logistics; monitor Co-Instructor and participant assignments for the day; plan and execute the evening programs; act as a positive role model for participants; supervise the health and safety of the participants and environment; manage financials and accounting including monitoring of expenditures, record keeping, advances, and bookkeeping; manage gear, vehicles, inventory, storage and documentation; perform reviews and summer end evaluations; and evaluate programming and current season while making suggestions for the following year.

Additional Field Instructor duties are broken down by program:

Adventure Programs
Lead groups of students on backpacking trips through remote wilderness areas.Field Instructors must have knowledge of three or more wilderness travel methods in whitewater rafting, sea kayaking, international trekking, biking, backpacking, technical rock or ice climbing and mountaineering. Mandatory requirements for adventure trips include the ability to lead groups of students on backpacking trips through remote wilderness areas from three to eight days. This includes backpacking preparations, backcountry travel, route finding, campsite selection, equipment maintenance, Leave No Trace camping techniques in desert and alpine terrain and proper protocol in dense bear country. All Field Instructors must possess the ability to make prudent decisions in adverse conditions.

International Service Learning and Language Immersion Programs
Field Instructors must be highly proficient or fluent in the spoken language of the program country (Spanish, etc.) and have extensive experience with community service, international travel, managing multiple responsibilities abroad, experience and/or living abroad, cultural immersion. Knowledge of the following is helpful but not mandatory: sea kayaking, whitewater rafting, trekking, surfing and snorkeling.

International Service Learning and Language Exposure Programs
International Service Learning and Language Immersion Program Field Instructors must be highly proficient or fluent in the spoken language of the program country.Field Instructors have extensive experience with community service, international travel, managing multiple responsibilities abroad, experience and/or living abroad and cultural immersion. Knowledge of the following is helpful but not mandatory: sea kayaking, whitewater rafting, trekking, surfing and snorkeling.

Service Learning Programs
Field Instructors have extensive experience with community service, experience managing multiple responsibilities, and construction experience preferred. Knowledge of the following is helpful but not mandatory: sea kayaking, whitewater rafting, rock climbing, hiking, and PADI Scuba certified.

Time Commitment

A ten-day training is mandatory for all summer staff prior to the start of RLT programs. Check out the above video to see what goes on!

Dates of employment can range anywhere from mid-June to the end of July or middle of August, depending on your trip assignment. You may lead one, two or possibly three sessions of a program over the course of a summer. They will make every effort to employ you for as long as you wish, but flexibility is necessary with trip assignments and dates, keeping in mind the student experience is a direct result of its leadership. If you are a first year staff with RLT, it may be late spring or even staff training before final placement is determined.

Compensation & Perks

Perks on the job!

Your salary is based on experience/certifications/qualifications and includes all food, lodging and transportation from the beginning through close of your trip. You will also receive a stipend towards certifications, pro deals on outdoor equipment from a variety of well-known manufacturers and the opportunity to work with world-renown, expert guides!

Job Qualifications

On the job training!

The following are characteristics/qualifications that each staff person is expected to match regardless of position:

Minimum of Bachelor's degree or in the process of completing a degree.

Must be 21 years of age.

Current WFR or WEMT
This certification needs to be complete by the start of staff training and CURRENT through the end of employment.

Lifeguard Training or Swiftwater Rescue
These are preferred certifications but not mandatory.

Current Unrestricted Drivers License

Previous experience working with and or teaching young people ranging in age between 12-19 is mandatory. Knowledge of and experience in group dynamics, teaching or facilitating groups, supervision of meal planning, food preparation and cooking, and managing logistics. Ability to teach program specific skills, environmental awareness, and related scientific, cultural, and historical knowledge pertaining to the regions through which you will travel and their relationship to each other.

Self-assurance is required to live and relate with adolescents and other Instructors in close-knit situations.

Must be self-motivated and act as a role model, possessing personality characteristics that will accelerate and maintain a healthy rapport with participants and other staff.

Must have the patience to respond to stress, crisis, change, and non-glamorous tasks in positive and productive ways at all times. Must have the ability to organize and assure a smooth flow of activities.

Legal right to work in the United States
PLEASE NOTE: RLT is not able to assist with work visas.

Application & Connections

The Road Less Traveled — Life Changing Travel

RLT is always looking for motivated people to join them!

They're especially interested if you share in their love of young people, the outdoors, a passion for life-changing travel, and most of all, the desire to make a difference. If you are detail oriented, confident, creative, athletic, an outdoor enthusiast, seasoned traveler, quick thinker, problem solver, outgoing, personable, competent in adventure travel and experienced in the service industry, apply now!

Keep in mind, RLT works very hard to minimize impacts on the environment, and they strongly believe that one person's actions can make a difference in the health of our environment. RLT appreciates your sensitivity to environmental concerns in the preparation of your resume materials.

The hiring season generally runs from September through the spring, and early applications are encouraged. A large volume of resumes are received during this time period, so it may take a week or more for a reply. There is no official closing date, but the earlier you send in your application, the more likely you will be hired and placed on one of your trip preferences.

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