Leading the way in innovative, creative outdoor education, Trackers Earth exists to re-create a village of people connected through family and the land.

Connect kids to community and the natural world! Educators are needed to create thoughtful, challenging outdoor adventures in story and folk wisdom!

Leading the way in innovative, creative outdoor education, Trackers Earth exists to re-create a village of people connected through family and the land. Summer day camps for kids ages 4 to 18 are rooted in fantastic legend and authentic traditional skills, and fueled by compelling story and old-school outdoor lore and adventure. Programs are mobile, meaning parents drop kids off at a central in-town location and campers are transported by bus out to the best parks and green spaces in the area where they will deepen their connection to the natural world. Real skills such as archery, fishing, kayaking, survival, and role playing are all part of the curriculum, with original themes such as Wizards Academy or Wilderness Survival camps. All of Trackers camps, classes and productions can also be seen as great theatre. Joining Trackers for a day, a week or longer can feel like joining the circus or taking parting in a forgotten yet familiar myth.

At Trackers, we are champions of land and village. We are navigators of an epic world that needs to exist. We are a community where we remember the celebration of hearth, family and a timeless human story. Our labor, profits, joys and hopes are directed to generating resources that help create a village of healthy and happy people connected to the land, family and community.

Working for Trackers

Working for Trackers is a great chance to build excellent professional connections and participate in many learning opportunities.

Trackers is a diverse organization — less a business than a group of people focused on family and village. Working for Trackers is a great chance to build excellent professional connections and participate in many learning opportunities. Educators and Mentors are needed to teach in the Summer Youth Camps who have the know how (or a great willingness to learn) in primitive skills and bushcraft, folk craft and homesteading, archery and bow making, kayaking, fishing and foraging, live action role playing, martial arts, zombie survival, and/or blacksmithing.

Summer 2018 Youth Camp Job Openings

Master the most important tools of forest craft: the blade and the flame. Make fire from what you find, carve your own tools and learn the uses of wild plants.

Summer Educators & Mentors
Outdoor Educator Interns ($610/week): An entry level position for adults committed to developing their outdoor education skill-set. No previous experience necessary. You must have a great desire to learn and teach.
Day Camp Educators ($660-$700/week): You'll have a team of kids, given time outside to explore skills, story, and adventure! Educators passionate about building competency in kids through outdoor education.
Coordinating Educators ($880/week): Lead and guide Day Camp Educators and students to implement program curriculum, camp culture, and learn new skills. Professionals with many years of outdoor education and team leadership experience.
Extended Camp Educators ($14.50/hour): Ideal for those with a flexible schedule. Morning & afternoon hours overseeing the extended camp.
Adventure Guides ($880/week): Lead backpacking trips and multi-day excursions from the California coast to the Sierras with small groups of students. WFR certification and California van CDL required prior to position beginning.

More exploration with Trackers Earth Bay Area!Bonus points and a pay bump is given If you have a CDL for large school buses or if you possess the driving talent so Trackers can help you learn. A camp tuition benefit is also offered for children of staff members. Subsidized campground placement assistance may be available for those who need it and are interested in going rustic for the summer.

More exploration with Trackers Earth Bay Area!Training for the majority of staff members begins in early June with the summer season running through late August. Most day camp positions are MO-FR, 7:45am to 4:15pm.


Explore the wild lands. Take up a bow. Learn forest craft and skills. Train in epic scenarios of survival, stealth and archery.

Berkeley, California is the ideal place to blend outdoor skills with an urban environment. The Bay Area has more protected wild space than any other metropolitan area in the country. From mountains to coastline to oak savannah to redwood forests, Trackers takes city kid students into real nature, every day.

The Way of the Guilds

A day in the life of Trackers summer day camp. Follow David, Rangers Guild Coordinator from Trackers Earth Portland, as he begins the morning with early check-in to taking kids outside to learn outdoor skills and more!

The Guilds are at the core of Trackers. You don't need to know all the skills in every Guild, but it is key to have an affinity and strong desire to develop them.

Rangers Guild—Reconnect the Village
The Rangers are the hunters and protectors of the village. Versed in the arts of wilderness survival, tracking, and awareness, they remind us all of our connection to the wild and ways of the forest.

Wilders Guild—Restore the Earth
The Wilders are caretakers, restoring the land to what it once was and beyond. If you live the way of rural or urban homesteading, love bacon, appreciate the hunt for wild plants, like goats more than people (awkward), and want to restore the wild into every nook and cranny of this world, join the Wilders Guild.

Mariners Guild—Respect the Waters
The Mariners Guild thrive by the waterways. They fish, build boats, and connect our world by wind and sea. Mariners chart their course by the stars. They are masters of healthy economy, barter, and trade. Through salty wisdom, they demand respect for the water and all life within — and only occasionally talk like pirates.

Artisans Guild—Remember our Story
The Artisans Guild regale us with their theatrics. They are story keepers; travel bare foot, walk and sleep under the twilight sky. If you are a fine craftsperson (woodworking, sewing, leather or blacksmithing), a teller of excellent stories, a geek who loves Buffy and Doctor Who, or a role playing LARPing/gamer nerd who loves the outdoors, join the Artisans Guild.

The Essentials

Become a woodland archer and learn the Way of the Bow.

Flexibility, Fantastic Conflict & Intelligent Conversation

Are you a super hero?Flexibility
Trackers needs individuals who are quick, thoughtful, and generous about solving challenges. The program thrives with people who see awesome opportunity in complexity. Who remain calm when others are overwhelmed. They also don't make a practice of blaming others for challenges. They ask helpful questions of the right people, right away.

The Riddle
Finding those "right people" might require thoughtful questions. Like many aspects of Trackers, navigating its intensity is a series of fantastic riddles they will never solve but leads to the fantastic challenge of possibilities.

Trackers Earth is a community. This also adds a flip-side to the idea of constructive conflict. If you don't prioritize relationships over your ego's need to win, you probably won't last long here. They strive to intelligently utilize conflict for the growth of the village. It plays out in camp and how they approach life.

The Trackers Code

With stealth and awareness, become a protector of the woodlands an discover the ancient secrets of the Forest Ninja.

Pay Attention
Push the edges of your awareness: eyes, ears, and all your senses. Keep an open mind and heart. Don't restrict yourself with a narrow view of things. The challenges and opportunities nature provides often go unseen. Pay attention to the spaces and places most people ignore.

Paddle and play through local waterways in traditional handcrafted, skin-on-frame kayaks.Be Truly Helpful
Understand the difference between what you believe is helpful and what is truly helpful. Complaining about being cold and hungry is not helpful. Building a campfire or catching fish is helpful. When you put the needs of your community first you become truly helpful.

Many think surviving in nature means struggling against it. Yet, like a Mariner sailing the currents of the sea, we can flow with nature. Take the time to experience the true way of things: creeks, plants, animals, birds, trees, wind, clouds, stars, sun, and moon. By giving your time, appreciation and respect, you become part of their flow.

We're Doing it Wrong — Do it Better!
Perfect is boring. There's no perfect way to shoot a bow or weave a basket. There is only progress. Be excited that you're always doing it wrong and there are countless ways to improve. Like the plants, animals and even mountains, you never stop growing. You can always do it better!

Your First Move & Connections

Join the Trackers Family!

Join the Trackers Family!
If these rules and Code strikes a chord with you, and you maintain high professional standards, are able to set and communicate boundaries for youth in a positive way, think on your feet, and are creative in challenging situations, fill out the online application. If it's a good fit, Trackers will contact you for an interview.

More exploration with Trackers Earth Bay Area!View all current job openings »

Leading the way in innovative, creative outdoor education, Trackers Earth summer camps are rooted in fantastic legend and authentic traditional skills, and fueled by compelling story and old-school outdoor lore and adventure.

Jess Liotta
Trackers Earth Bay Area
3049 Adeline St.
Berkeley, CA 94703
(510) 575-9444

More exploration with Trackers Earth Bay Area!If you live in the Portland, Oregon area, check out TrackersPDX.com.

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