Lead the outdoor job adventure of a lifetime with the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps. Hiring Crew Leaders, Assistants and Corps Members.

Experience the outdoor job adventure of a lifetime with the VYCC! Equip young people with the tools to make a difference in the world.

The Vermont Youth Conservation Corps (VYCC) is a non-profit organization that believes that conservation and agricultural work are ideal platforms to teach leadership, communication, interpersonal, and professional skills. Through the completion of conservation work, young people expand their job and leadership skills; develop personal values, ethics, and an awareness of social, political, and environmental issues.

Each year, the VYCC hires Crew Leaders and Corps Members who work, live, and learn together to complete high-priority and meaningful conservation projects such as trail maintenance, carpentry, and watershed restoration. High expectations, hard work, and crew-oriented activities bring together members from a variety of backgrounds to live, work, and grow as a tight-knit community.

2017 Seasonal Job Opportunities

VYCCSpend a Season with the VYCC!
Seeking confident Field Staff, experienced Leaders and enthusiastic Corps Members.

VYCC Leadership Opportunities

2017 Leadership Job Opportunities
Crew Leader & Assistant Crew Leader positions beginning in late March or May

Location: Vermont with potential to work in other states including North Carolina
Living Allowance: $500–$575/week
Eligibility: 22+ and WFR/CPR certification (Leaders); 20+ and CPR/first aid certification (Assistants)
Time Commitment Options: March 27–August 20), May 22–August 20 or May 22–November 1. Training is required at the beginning of the season in Vermont.

Leading a crew for the VYCC is an adventure unlike any you've ever had before!Leading a crew for the VYCC is an adventure unlike any you've ever had before! As part of a crew leading team, you will be responsible for successfully completing important projects, building a community, overseeing the health and safety of your crew, and teaching both life and job skills. The season begins with an intensive staff training that focuses on teaching the technical and interpersonal skills needed to be a successful leader. After training, you and your team will embark on an outdoor working adventure together for the rest of the season. You will stretch your comfort zone and in return, you will have many perks and opportunities available to you. Become a facilitator, trainer, counselor, teacher, role model and work supervisor this summer!

Current seasonal job openings with the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps!Complete the online Crew Leader application.

I’m glad for this chance to learn how to develop not just myself, but an entire group of young leaders. I’ve acquired skills from simple things — organizing weekend activities, dividing chores, creating a meal plan. Every day Members grow and change, and I make sure to keep up with them the entire way. —Thomas, 2015 Crew Leader

VYCC Corps Member Opportunities

2017 Member Job Opportunities
AmeriCorps Member positions begin in April or mid-June

Location: Communities in Vermont, North Carolina and nearby states
Living Allowance: $275/week + AmeriCorps education award if eligible (900-hour: $2,865; 675-hour: $2,182.78)
Age Requirement: 18-24
Time Commitment Options: April 7–August 20 or June 17–October 29

You will work hard and learn more than you could possibly imagine about your surroundings and yourself!As a VYCC AmeriCorps Member, you will work on high-priority conservation projects and make a lasting contribution to public lands in Vermont, North Carolina and nearby states! This is an immeasurably rich experience — you will have the opportunity to work, travel and make a difference. You will work hard and learn more than you could possibly imagine about your surroundings and yourself. With crew types that offer an array of challenges, responsibility and commitment, you will be guaranteed hard work, new friends, educational activities and high-quality leaders. Corps Members may also participate in trainings, gain job-readiness skills and explore career opportunities with a variety of land management and natural resource agencies and organizations.

Current seasonal job openings with the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps!Complete the online Crew Member application.

There are so many ‘best things’ that I could list… Mostly, the best part was trying something new. I stepped out of my comfort zone and learned so much from that. —Lisa, 2015 AmeriCorps Member

Education at VYCC

The WoRD program is a fundamental component of all conservation crews.

WoRD (Writing, Reading and Discussion)
The WoRD program is a fundamental component of all conservation crews. WoRD encourages Corps Members and Crew Leaders to engage in thoughtful discussions about meaningful, relevant topics on a daily basis throughout the work week. Using a compilation of current articles, essays, and stories, all crews read aloud about important environmental and social issues that are relevant both locally and nationally. After reading, the crews discuss what they have read and take time to write in their journals about the topic and discussion. This is a central part of the VYCC experience!

I learned that I have more leadership skills than I initially thought and that not having phone access is entirely refreshing—I learned I rely on technology far more than I should.
—Laura G., 2015 Conservation Corps Member

Perks & Benefits

VYCC Crew Fun!

Leader Benefits
Competitive pay plus room and board
AmeriCorps education award for Assistant Crew Leaders (if eligible)
Compensation while attending residential VYCC training
Enjoy an outdoor work environment—this is no office job!
Gain new technical skills
Develop and refine your leadership skills
Become a part of the VYCC community and culture
Make a real difference in the community and environment that will have lasting impacts

Member Benefits
Competitive weekly stipend plus room and board
AmeriCorps education award (if eligible)
Certifications and trainings offered
Learn and practice new skills: technical project skills, outdoor living skills, job skills and professionalism, conservation education, teamwork, confidence and leadership
Make a positive contribution to your crew, the environment and local communities
Pro-deals and discounts with select local businesses
Opportunity to earn academic or internship credit
Make lifelong friendships and have an experience of a lifetime

A scholarship of $1,000 is available to all VYCC alumni accepted to attend Sterling College in Craftsbury Common, Vermont

Your First Move & Connections

Work outside, make a difference, gain experience and get paid for it.

The VYCC fills positions on a rolling basis. Preference is given to early applicants. Crew Leader applicants must submit a resume, cover letter, and at least three references along with their application. To apply, fill out the online Crew Leader or Crew Member application.

The Vermont Youth Conservation Corps is a nonprofit youth, leadership, service, conservation, and education organization that instills in individuals the values of personal responsibility, hard work, education, and respect for the environment.

Vermont Youth Conservation Corps
1949 East Main St.
Richmond, VT 05477
(802) 434-3969 ext. 200
(802) 434-3985 fax

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Current seasonal job openings with the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps!Explore all current job openings »

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