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Roatan Divemaster Internship - the best way to become a professional diver.

Switch your suit for shorts and make the ocean your new office!
Enjoy your future life by becoming a Divemaster Intern and/or PADI Scuba Instructor with Roatan Dive Academy on the beautiful Caribbean island Roatan. Traveling the world while experiencing new cultures, landscapes and underwater wonders could be your daily routine. You will be trained and ready to join the exciting world of professional scuba diving. Being a PADI Divemaster Intern or Instructor will open doors to unbelievable adventures — where no day resembles the other! Find out about internship availability and the people who have already signed up! • Short-Term Job AdventuresIf you've been dreaming about traveling the world with an adventure-job-style approach, this is the place to be to create your new way of life—for a summer or year after year. You'll get involved with...

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Explore exciting programs that will help your journey to work, learn, live and travel to all corners of the earth.

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In the Spotlight

As Australia’s most accomplished outdoor education provider, The Outdoor Education Group is able to offer a broad range of challenging, hands-on experiences that deliver lessons and learning with long-term benefits.New seasonal Trip Leaders and Camp Staff jobs with The Outdoor Education Group in Australia! Offering a broad range of challenging, hands-on experiences that deliver lessons and learning with long-term benefits, The Outdoor Education Group is one of the largest providers of outdoor learning in Australia. Serving as role model and facilitator, Trip Leaders and Camp Staff will have the opportunity to impact positively on the lives of young people in their daily role. Responsibilities will focus on the leadership of your group, delivery and facilitation of an educational framework, risk management practice, and building rapport. Programs range anywhere from 3 to 7 days or even longer in duration depending on the type of program you are working on. Currently seeking staff for a January 2018 intake with a minimum 6-month commitment. Compensation includes internal training, wages based around a daily rate, and US residents between the ages of 18-30 will receive support with obtaining visas. Ideally applicants will have at least two years experience in outdoor education or related field (one year for camps-based staff), with recognized competency and/or logged experience in one or more of the following activities: rappelling, climbing, canoeing, hiking, off trail navigation, high and low ropes, white water rafting, sea kayaking and cross-country ski touring. If you are excited to be able to work with kids and teach them real world skills that will serve them well for life, send your resume, activity logbook (optional), and two work-based reference that can be easily contacted to Clayton Shaw by November 10th.

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The Outdoor Education Group offers real careers. And provide real opportunities. To live, learn, and earn in the real world.

With base camps in Eildon, Victoria and Moss Vale, NSW, groups will venture to diverse venues throughout Australia.

Make your mark on the industry. Put your training into practice. Initiate your career pathways. Join Australia’s leading outdoor provider.

Across the World Adventure Jobs

The Road Less Traveled — Life Changing Travel

The Road Less Traveled is an extraordinary opportunity to join with others to build deep relationships while meeting challenges together. Life moves, changes, begins, ends, questions, hurts, exhausts, inspires, connects, satisfies and rewards. Join RLT as you enrich the world and the lives of others.

Program in the Spotlight Creating life experiences that spark both physical and intellectual growth, The Road Less Traveled encompasses summer wilderness adventure, service learning and language instruction programs for young people ages 13-19. Participants and Field Instructors have the opportunity to venture to unique and culturally rich spots in the American West, California, Hawaii, Florida Keys, the Gulf Coast, Outer Banks, Belize, Bhutan, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Iceland, India, Italy, Norway, Panama, Peru, Tanzania, Uganda, Thailand and Vietnam. Field Instructors begin their summer with ten days of paid staff training, then guide and engage participants in service learning projects, language immersion programs, backpacking, rock climbing, biking, kayaking, trekking, SCUBA diving, whitewater rafting and more from June through August. Co-Instructors and Interns work in conjunction with the Field Instructor in a variety of supportive roles. Candidates must be at least 21 years of age, Wilderness First Responder (WFR) and CPR certified, have experience working with teenagers and solid wilderness and international travel skills. Spanish fluency is required and/or helpful for some programs. Benefits include a salary, living expenses, a stipend towards certifications and the opportunity to work with world-renown and expert guides. The 2017 hiring season runs from September through early May. Learn more at

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As a Field Instructor for The Road Less Traveled, you'll have the opportunity to work with other highly motivated, qualified, committed professionals and experience extraordinary lands and cultures around the world.

RLT Field Instructors are genuine, spirited, friendly, active, educated and well traveled. Instructors are not just educators and counselors, they are mentors. They are responsible, committed to those around them, purposeful and bold.

Backroads. The world’s #1 active travel company.

Do you have a zest for life with a passion for people, travel and the outdoors? Backroads Trip Leaders create legendary experiences for active travelers.

Backroads was rated number 73 on Outside Magazine's top 100 places to work in 2015!Program in the Spotlight Backroads is actively recruiting Trip Leaders for their luxury biking, walking, hiking and multi-sport vacations geared for groups of families, solos or couples in destinations throughout the United States, Europe and the world. Whether by foot, bicycle, kayak, raft or ski, Trip Leaders are the catalyst for a fun, interesting, safe and personally rewarding experience for their group of active travelers. Leaders enrich each trip with their personality and passion for travel and the outdoors, while providing outstanding customer service and sharing their love and knowledge of the area. In addition to Trip Leader positions, US & Canadian Camp Crews and global Trip Prep Specialists are hired each year. First year Leaders receive a competitive daily wage and gratuities, plus gourmet meals, accommodations in some of the best inns, hotels and campgrounds the region has to offer, travel costs, generous pro-deals and many other fringe benefits. At minimum, applicants must be at least 21 years of age, legally authorized to work in the U.S., Canada or France, and have a valid driver's license and an excellent driving record. If you are master problem solver, effective public speaker, chef, area expert, multilingual, well traveled, skilled driver, meticulous record keeper, a motivating force in group dynamics while being sensitive to individual needs, and in great physical shape, apply now at Positions are available from May through October.

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Summer 2017 Employment Alert
Backroads has finished recruiting for the 2017 season. Applications for summer 2018 will be accepted beginning on October 1st!

Backroads Trip Leaders will help active travelers discover the beauty and uniqueness of a region in the most meaningful way.

Helping active travelers discover the beauty and uniqueness of a region in the most meaningful way, Backroads Trip Leaders have the opportunity to enjoy the elegance of dining in an elegant 16th-century château as well as sleeping beneath the stars at a serene lakeside campground with a private beach for swimming.

Carpe Diem Education inspires growth and transformation through experiential education, community, and intercultural exchange.Join the Carpe Diem team as an Overseas Educator. Transform Lives. Educate and Empower.

Program in the Spotlight Seize the Journey! Carpe Diem Education inspires growth and transformation through experiential education, community, and intercultural exchange. With programs in Central America, South America, Cuba, India, East Africa, the South Pacific and Southeast Asia, students receive a unique and personal insight into themselves and the cultures they live within. Serving as mentor, role model, teacher and leader, Overseas Educators challenge students by consciously teaching them how to be better group leaders and better self leaders — and how to safely travel independently anywhere in the world. In addition to a competitive salary, benefits include access to professional development funds, living/travel stipends between semesters, travel insurance for the duration of semester, all eligible accrued air miles, all standard trip costs covered, standard expenses paid during leadership training and travel stipends to and from Portland, Oregon. Oh, and the ability to both directly and indirectly change another human being’s life for the better! Positions are available during the spring (mid-February to early May) and fall (mid-September to early December). Training commences in Portland, Oregon for two weeks prior to departure dates. Applicants must have direct experience living, working or independently traveling in the regions for which you apply, professional experience leading or facilitating groups, current certifications in WFR/WFA, and the ability to legally work in the US. If you feel you have the right balance of soft skills, travel savvy, cultural understanding, mentorship and passion, learn more at

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Spring Season 2018 International Adventure Jobs!
More exploration!Carpe Diem is currently seeking Overseas Educators for the spring season. Staff training begins early February in Portland for two weeks, with program trips that run through early May.

Carpe Diem Education is seeking passionate, committed, professional and supportive Overseas Educators who are dedicated to inspiring growth and transformation!

Carpe Diem looks for staff who are committed to growth for both their students and themselves, who can help support students as they navigate a new culture for the first time — often confronting unexpected realities both internally and externally.

Divemaster Job Adventures in the Caribbean!

Roatan Divemaster & Instructor Internships - the best way to become a professional diver. All powered by Subway Watersports!

Roatan Dive AcademyRoatan GoPro GREEN Divemaster Internships!
Live on a beautiful Caribbean island and dive on the world's second largest coral reef! As a Professional PADI 5-Star Instructor Development Center and Roatan’s only Green-Star award winning dive resort, Roatan Dive Academy provides SCUBA diving adventures and conservation education on Roatan, the Bay Islands of Honduras. Powered by Subway Watersports, Divemaster Interns will have the unique opportunity to be taught all aspects of working within a busy, successful, eco-friendly dive operation at TWO great resort locations, while training to become Professional PADI divers and conservationists. GoPro GREEN Internships have a heavy focus on conservation training and education, with free specialties, lectures and more! Go from zero to hero if you have no training, OR start from your current certification level. After your internship, you can continue your education with a PADI Instructor Development Course, with small group sizes and personal teaching methods offered. Flexible internship start dates are available every month of the year for a 4 to 9-week duration. Fees start as little as US$1,530 and includes instruction, diving, equipment rental, shared lodging, lunch and more. And don’t forget to ask about their price match guarantee! If you're open minded, positive, flexible, sociable, outdoorsy and love the water, send an email to Holly Phoenix for an application. Come take the plunge with Roatan Dive Academy today!

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Join the Tribe on the Caribbean island of Roatan, the Bay Islands of Honduras!

Join the Tribe on the Caribbean island of Roatan, the Bay Islands of Honduras! GoPro Green Divemaster Interns with Roatan Dive Academy will gain a unique insight and hands-on experience working in the dive industry while obtaining the education, training and credentials needed to become professional PADI Divemasters and avid conservationists.

Intern at Roatan Dive Academy and experience a new career that lets you work at the most exotic locations around the world. Continue to Dive Instructor and get a head start in the job you've always dreamed of.

Find out about 2017 Internship availability and the people who have already signed up. Intern at Roatan Dive Academy and experience a new career that lets you work at the most exotic locations around the world. Continue on with your Dive Instructor training and get a head start in the job you've always dreamed of.

China, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia

From rock climbing, jungle trekking, cave exploration to cooking, farming, service projects and working closely with developing communities, Dragonfly provides primary and secondary students an unforgettable learning experience.

Dragonfly: Taking classroom learning into the world outside. Making a difference to lives across Asia.

Program in the Spotlight With exciting outdoor adventure programs offered in China and Hong Kong, Dragonfly leads outdoor experiential education courses that combine purposeful engagement, direct experience and focused reflection. Facilitation integrates Social and Emotional Learning (EQ) outcomes in outdoor and community-based activities, supported by training programs for instructors that help build these skills. Senior Outdoor Instructors will lead courses that combine technical activities (such as rock climbing and sea kayaking) and non-technical activities (including team building, camp craft, nature walks and service). Instructors must have an appropriate blend of technical outdoor skills, teaching skills and interpersonal skills to be successful in this position. Dragonfly offers very competitive compensation and benefits. First season Instructors start at HKD $11,000 per month (USD $1,415), plus receive an end of season bonus of HKD $7,500 (USD $968), staff housing, food on workdays, and training and assessment that will complement your skills and further personal and professional development. Applicants must have a University degree, outdoor technical skills (e.g. first aid, rock climbing, kayaking, etc.) and a minimum four seasons in a teaching/instructional role with children, youth or adults in outdoor education programs. Dragonfly offers seasonal contracts as well as full-time positions with good performance. Positions are available during the spring (mid-February through the end of April/mid-May) and fall (September to the end of November). If you are looking to be part of a team dedicated to doing meaningful work and making a difference in lives across Asia, apply today at

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Spring 2018 Jobs in China and Hong Kong!
Dragonfly is currently accepting applications for Senior Instructors for the spring season (mid-February to mid-May).

Instructors demonstrate enthusiasm, good judgment, risk management, planning with attention to detail and organizational skills in preparing, leading and wrapping up Dragonfly programs.

Working and traveling with Dragonfly is a wonderful way of helping to change youth for the better and make the world a better place.

With a multi-cultural staff from all over the world, working for Dragonfly is a unique opportunity to make life-long friendships, travel off the beaten path, and learn about other cultures.

Work & Travel Abroad Programs

Change your Perspectives. Change your Life. Travel for a Change. Embark on the adventure of a lifetime and make a difference on a global level with Greenheart Travel.

Travel for a change on a meaningful adventure abroad!

Program in the Spotlight Are you an experienced traveler looking for a challenging yet rewarding experience that will change your life? Greenheart Travel offers Teach, Volunteer and Work & Travel programs to get you off the beaten path and on your way to making a positive impact on the global community.

Teach Abroad Adventures: China, Colombia, Italy, Myanmar, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.

Volunteer Abroad Adventures: Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center France Bird Habitat Restoration Kenya Community Development Project Peru Sustainable Development Project in the Amazon Puerto Rico Sustainable Forestry & Permaculture Project Spain Environmental Project Sri Lanka Elephant Conservation Project Thailand Stray Dog Rescue Project Vietnam Education Project

Work & Travel Adventures: Hit the road on a working holiday visa to Australia, Ireland or New Zealand. Earn money to fund your travels as you gain unique job skills to make your resume stand out. Students can also take advantage of a Seasonal Internship in Thailand to get a head start on their career path before graduation.

All programs include medical insurance, pre-departure and cultural orientation with a local coordinator and 24-hour support. Picture yourself on your next adventure abroad and read travel stories on the Greenheart Travel blog!

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After wanting a change from the 9-5 work schedule and a way to personally grow and explore the world, these Greenheart Travelers take the leap and start their adventure in Thailand as English teachers.

Greenheart Travel alumna, Varisa, talks about her incredible time volunteering in Costa Rica, working with animals and experiencing pura vida while traveling for a change. She shares her emotions, the impact and impressions from her volunteer program.

Where in the world will you go? Start planning your once-in-a-lifetime work and travel adventure abroad with InterExchange!

Looking to have the adventure of a lifetime before you settle into the “real world”? Your friends and family may think it’s a bold move, but blazing your own trail is easier than you think!

At InterExchange, they understand the process of preparing for an international experience can be overwhelming. They make it as easy and affordable as possible, because they believe that you can have a positive impact on your future and the world by going abroad.

Whether leading kayak tours in New Zealand, giving ski instruction in Canada, promoting trips to the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, or working in a trendy restaurant in Melbourne, Australia, you’ll redefine what the “real world” means to you! And InterExchange will be there to support you throughout your journey.

Visit InterExchange to learn more about their work, internship, and other experiential learning programs abroad. Choose a program and turn your dream into a reality.

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Whether you want to take a semester off, go abroad for a summer or stay for an extended program, InterExchange will work with you to make sure you have an unforgettable experience!

InterExchange can give you the expertise and support you need to learn about the world through life-changing and unforgettable experiences, whether you’re looking to learn a new language, teach or work abroad, or work as an au pair.

Work from Home Anywhere on Planet Earth

If you enjoy social media and want a flexible part-time schedule, join Appen as a Social Media Evaluator!Is social media part of your daily life? Do you regularly communicate with your friends and family via social media? Do you get your news on social media? Be part of a rapidly growing global network of independent contractors working from home! As a Social Media Evaluator with Appen, you will be rewarded for your ability to improve the relevancy of the newsfeed for a leading global social media platform. Social Media Evaluators will need to commit to work 4 flexible hours a day, 5 days per week, with at least one weekend day. Once accepted for a project, you must meet consistent quality standards. Superior performance will make you eligible for additional projects. Compensation includes a competitive pay, project prep sessions, and the ability to work from virtually anywhere on planet Earth. Successful applicants possess daily social media activity (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest), an avid interest in working with social media, the ability to follow instructions and work independently with effective time management skills, excellent troubleshooting, communication and problem-solving skills, strong expressive writing skills, and ability to articulate in written and verbal English. You must also have a computer less than three years old and a high-speed Internet connection. If you enjoy social media and want a flexible part-time schedule, send your resume to Janelle Sosh. View the Social Media Evaluator flyer »

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National Geographic TravelerLearn more about this book on Active, curious travelers will enjoy National Geographic Traveler. Features focus on domestic and foreign destinations, personal travel reflections, food and restaurants, great places to stay, photography, trends, adventure, ecotourism, road trips and cultural events.
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