The unique blend of education, growth opportunities, and fun that is designed into programming makes The Outdoor School an extremely rewarding experience for both educators, instructors and students.

Instructors with The Outdoor School connect kids to the natural environment—a place where they can see, hear, touch, smell and even taste nature.

As the vital link between nature and the classroom, The Outdoor School (TOS) is a residential outdoor education program that focuses on hands-on experiential educational and outdoor courses primarily for 4th–9th graders. Located on Lake LBJ in the heart of the beautiful Texas Hill Country and an additional location in the lush rolling hills of the Brazos Valley, both TOS sites are within an hour or two of either Austin or Houston. Environmental stewardship and experiential learning is emphasized by placing children in a natural environment where they can learn, first-hand, about their vital relationship with that environment.

Programming focuses on the philosophy of Universal Respect and Challenge by Choice. Universal Respect means everything should be treated with respect. To respect others, children are taught to treat others as they would like to be treated, using encouragement and positive words and actions. Children will also be expected to show respect for themselves, the environment—and everything! Challenge by Choice involves setting personal goals and reaching them using physical, mental and social challenges along the way. Goals can always be reset higher or lower. Children are encouraged to meet and exceed their goals, but are never forced to go beyond their limits!

What You'll Be Doing

Outdoor Education Instructors are the heart of The Outdoor School!

Outdoor Education Instructors
Outdoor Education Instructors are the heart of The Outdoor School and will teach pre-approved academic and adventure curriculum, facilitate team building and high ropes courses, and lead interesting evening activities. Three weeks of training will provide you with the necessary knowledge in academics, ropes course, and anything else you need to survive at TOS.

Although TOS has a selection of over 15 classes and activities that schools may choose from, most Instructors learn between 5 and 7 classes—enough to keep you excited about teaching, but not so many that you are overwhelmed.

After a successful season as an Instructor, you may have the opportunity to return for consecutive seasons. Second season Instructors will be expected to take up more responsibilities, learn to facilitate more academic and adventure courses, provide leadership to incoming Instructors, and help facilitate training.

Additional responsibilities include holding a leadership role throughout the season (training, off site excursions, evening activities, etc.), becoming a lead Instructor, and serving as The Outdoor School’s representative for visiting schools.

2018 Season Commitment
• Spring: February to late May—Now Accepting Applications!
• Fall: August to mid/late November

Location Sites

Enjoy all sorts of lake activities!

The beautiful Texas Hill Country provides the backdrop for The Outdoor School at Camp Champions. Over 80 acres of native trees, grasses and wildflowers cover the northern end of the property, which provides a habitat for raccoons, deer and other wildlife. Picturesque Lake LBJ, filled with fish and other aquatic life, forms the southern border. This site is 45 miles from Austin, 90 miles from San Antonio and approximately 240 miles from Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston.

Located in historic Washington County, the lush rolling hills of the Brazos River Valley provide the backdrop for The Outdoor School at Camp For All. The 206-acre property boasts thick green lawns nestled under groves of large oaks as well as a 7-acre spring fed lake bordered by towering cypress trees. The property is approximately 85 miles from Austin and Houston, 150 miles from San Antonio and 195 miles from Dallas.

“What did I love about my time here? How much I’ve grown through this job. How intrinsically rewarding everything has been. Seeing a whole new world in Texas. Meeting the fantastic people here."

Perks & Rewards

You will help facilitate team building, the climbing wall and high ropes courses.

All staff receive a weekly stipend, housing, utilities and most meals.
Pro deals when available.
Lifeguard/CPR/first aid certification provided.
Full use of camp (including washer/dryer, lounge with satellite TV and DVD, kitchen, and many, many fun toys) and the privilege of calling this beautiful plot of real estate your home.
A central location to explore Texas’s underused State and National Parks as well as major Texas cities: Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas and Forth Worth.
Watching yourself grow as you help their program grow.

“The employees are amazing—the genuineness, the creativity, the kindness, the openness, the friendliness, the dedication, the commitment."

The Essentials

What does it take to thrive as a TOS Instructor?

Will you thrive at TOS?
You must simply love kids, have a desire and ability to teach kids, the ability to work in the outdoors (in all kinds of weather!), be self-motivated but also be able to accept supervision and guidance, be a person of flexibility, excitement, patience, fun, stamina, and possess an ability to laugh at yourself.

All applicants must have finished one year of college (or equivalent).

“The Outdoor School has the ability to unite a group of strangers into a team that impacts hundreds of students each semester.”

The Cool Factor @ TOS

The coolness factor at The Outdoor School!

The Outdoor School is AWESOME to work at because:
We welcome almost any and every school. We see both extreme low socio-economic schools to high socio-economic schools. It is really neat working with all different types of cultures in the central Texas region.
The staff is family. This is not just a job, but a lifestyle. We try to hire in a way that everyone on staff is there for the right reasons and they value the importance of family and team.
It's an ever-changing beast. We take pride in listening to the staff about their ideas and suggestions. The very next season staff members will notice some of those suggestions actually implemented. It’s really cool to see how open The Outdoor School is to more than happy to keep trying to reach excellence.
We are located in two great spots. Both locations have a very rural feel but both are nice and close to towns that supply everything you could need. Both locations also have a lot of natural parks and areas available for staff to play at during their off time!

“I was expecting an interim job to just pass the time, but what I got was an incredible experience and friends that I will never forget.”

Application & Connections

Can you see yourself here?

To apply, fill out the online application and have three references (2 professional and 1 personal) fill out the TOS reference form. The Outdoor School at Camp for All has one final step and that is going through a second interview with the on-site Director at that specific location.

Spring 2018 Employment Alert
The Outdoor School is currently seeking Outdoor Education Instructors to begin work this spring (February through late May).

 Learn more about the application process »

Mark Stein
Personnel Director
The Outdoor School
775 Camp Rd.
Marble Falls, TX 78654
(830) 598-6282, ext 221
(830) 598-1095 fax

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